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The Abaka Soap from Abaka Republic

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Green products are now in vogue and almost everywhere you look, you will find something that is either reusable, organic or eco friendly.


This way of living can also be seen in the cosmetics that we use, take for example the Abaka revitalizing soap from the eco friendly company Abaka Republic. This soap has been formulated using only natural ingredients that have been blended with unique extracts derived from Abaca plants.

The company promises that regular usage of this soap that contains a therapeutic formula will gradually regenerate, moisturize and soften the skin on you body and face. It lathers into rich and silky foam that will deodorize, refresh and cleanse your skin without leaving a greasy after feel.

It has also been used and tested by spas, specialists in skin care, a diversified group if users across Europe, Asia and North America over a time period of ten years.

That is what makes this organic soap arguably the best one yet as it is guaranteed to be free from chemicals and only mode only using the Abaca plant extracts, it is also easily available in any store online as well as the Abaka Republic websites.

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