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The Aftermath of Christmas Waste

Now, now, there is good reason to believe that the concept of recycling and reusing sounds really exotic and something that people only from parallel universes practice! However, even for those do practice the basics of reusing and recycling fail to see what can venture out of Christmas decorations, at least till Valentine’s Day!


Even for those people who successfully spent a Green and recycled Christmas (for lack of a better expression!), something can indeed be done with the rest of the things and the wastes, at least the dry ones that you have been saving right from Thanksgiving right through Christmas!

Stating the Obvious

If you think it over in your minds, what is Christmas really made of?

The tree, check!

The Trimmings check!

The Presents check!

The Wrapping Paper, Double Check!


Yes folks, what you can recycle and reuse for at least a good few months in staring right at your face! However, wrapping paper does not work alone. For wrapping paper to work well, you have to think about presents. Turn it over into your mind folks, what does almost every present in the world share?


Yes folks, the best thing that you can do is utilize boxes to create beautiful little trinkets and much more that never fail or cease to wonder others. In fact, boxes are an even better option for the Christmas Aftermath Recycling Operation, since many of us, all over the world, have shelved using wrapping paper, the traditional ones at least, from our celebrations!

Ideas for Being

Every family in the typical household around the world somehow always finds more boxes under their wing than they can dispatch of. For starters, you can always count on cereal boxes. Next up, you can always count the boxes which are a part of any electronic device you purchase.

Think of any useful household item and you will always imagine a box with it to go!

However, count the kind of things where boxes can be used. The first one would of course be to store different things. Books, papers, magazines, broken parts of some product or the other can easily be used to store in the waste boxes. Nevertheless, why not create something for the kids instead?

To start with, what does snow and the winter season signify best? A snowman silly!

So instead of getting all clammy in the snow and the cold, it is better to stick with a snowman that can be created with cardboard boxes. Just fold white paper well to mold the differently shaped boxes and wait till the compliments flow in.

To make it more real, add the hats, the eyes and paper cone nose instead of the carrots and yeah, don’t forget the scarf!


Other Ideas that Rock

Storing the boxes that you get in abundance is another idea you can toy with. For one, you can always rely upon creating cardboard box bags. Try that with cereal boxes or some kind that is pretty tough and lasts. Simply add some sling or jute brads or knit some loops on the upper sides of the box and voila! A beautiful and colorful shopping bag!

Getting back to wrapping paper, who says that cereal boxes or similar colorful and figure drawn boxes cannot do the same job? Since you banned the use of paper, try creating small gift bags or better yet try keeping your present a surprise by creating a maze or collection of gift boxes. Kids lap just about anything folks!

As far as storing those goes, try nicking the sides which hold the box together and flatten it. That way you can store one above the other for much longer.