The Amazing Benefits of Opting for an Electric Car

Amazing Benefits of Opting for an Electric Car

Every day, we make multiple choices, ranging from shopping green to being mindful of energy consumption. Similarly, businesses are also giving importance to sustainability to reduce the carbon footprint from the world. To pursue this idea further, the transport industry has been a prominent theme of discussion. Many vehicle manufacturing industries are launching electric cars and plug-in hybrids to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

In addition, these vehicles can deliver significant air quality benefits across towns and cities. It doesn’t emit any gasses, closing doors for air pollution. Besides, electric vehicles also have low maintenance costs. Did you know? It typically requires as little as 1c per mile to run compared to 6-27c per mile for fuel and diesel cars.

Fortunately, many governments are also actively offering various grants to manufacturers, including tax credits to facilitate people switching to electric cars. In short, electric cars are more like a one-time investment that helps people save money in the long term. If you are having second thoughts over this decision, have a look below. Here are seven incredible benefits of opting for an electric car.

1. Convenient Charging

car charging stationDo you ever imagine a world that doesn’t have petrol stations? It might sound unrealistic, but electric vehicles have the power to make this possible. Instead of fuel, electric cars need electricity to run. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, you would be seeing car charging stations across the town. Hence, allowing the drivers to charge their vehicles at public spaces with the help of charge points.

Moreover, you can get your hands on an all-weather home charging unit. You can install it in your garage and charge the electric car by plugging in the charging cable. Typically, it takes 5-10 hours to charge fully, but rapid chargers can speed up this process.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

Although the price of an electric vehicle may be higher than diesel cars, the cost of running an electric vehicle can be incredibly low. Besides this, they comprise three main components – on-board charger, inverter, and motor.

Hence, there is minor wear and tear as EVs don’t have conventional engines. As alternatives, they carry electric motors fueled by rechargeable batteries. Lastly, electric vehicle batteries have a life of eight years or up to 100,000 miles. The manufacturers warrant those batteries won’t degrade below a certain level, eliminating additional costs.

3. Environment-Friendly

These days, everyone wants to play their part in preserving the environment. You can plant trees and save energy, but smart buying decisions can also help make a difference. Instead of standard vehicles, purchasing an electric car comes with its fair share of advantages. Firstly, these cars don’t have a tailpipe which means they don’t emit any exhaust gases. The lower amount of emissions can even reduce greenhouse gasses. It is an ideal way to reduce air pollution in highly congested cities.

Moreover, tech innovations are helping people create more environmentally-friendly batteries. Similarly, the advancements in hydrogen have made electric vehicle models more efficient. Hence, we could say that the future of driving is bright and clean.

4. Tax Credits

tax creditsThe governments in many countries are offering grants and tax credits to owners of electric vehicles. The purpose is to encourage citizens to move towards environment-friendly transport options. Hence, you can qualify for a credit for $7500 in some of the states. However, the models and make of electric cars usually determine the amount of grant. Therefore, you should learn what kind of credit you will receive immediately and apply for the credit. After all, the government might discontinue this offer once most people have switched to electric cars.

5. High Resale Value

One of the biggest concerns for electric car drivers is the resale value. Because of the wear and tear, people often think the vehicle’s resale value will decline as the years pass. However, that’s nothing but an assumption. As the market becomes familiar with technology, electric cars will gain their fame and create a demand in no time. In 2020, the electric car registrations grew by 185%, showing how people across the globe are purchasing these cars.

Moreover, the government is considering banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030. Therefore, now is the perfect time to start searching for second-hand electric cars. It will be the most affordable option for people wanting to switch to electric vehicles. At the same time, people who want to purchase newer models can readily sell these cars in the market.

6. Reduces Noise Pollution

The traffic on the road creates a lot of noise pollution. The consistent sounds of horns and engines make it arduous to live down the busy streets. Well, things can be different with electric cars. These are much quieter than diesel vehicles, reducing the overall noise pollution. Besides this, some electric cars are so subtle that the law has created a requirement to have an acoustic vehicle alert system (ACVS). It emits an artificial sound to signal the car’s presence to pedestrians when reversing or driving below the speed of 19 km/h.

7. More Enjoyable Driving Experience

Enjoyable Driving Experience

Drivers love a smooth driving experience, and electric cars are all about this. The car doesn’t make any sounds or noises, creating a more comfortable and relaxing driving experience. In addition, electric vehicles have an instant torque; meaning, the driver, will have power at their fingertips. The minute you hit the accelerator, the car will instantly respond regarding the speed, making them ideal for city driving.

Moreover, the batteries in the electric vehicle have incredible weight and balanced distribution. Hence, handling around the curves and corners has become effortless and reliable. It will let you zip through traffic and glide across the city in a comfortable car. After all, that’s how driving should be – effortless, quiet, and restful!

Final Thoughts

The benefits electric cars bring to the table are incredible. Reducing the financial burden of maintenance and making the environment pollution-free – electric vehicles are likely to go a long way. Furthermore, with new tech evolutions, the charging times will reduce to minutes with additional automation features. Thus, one could say that there has never been a better time to switch to driving an electric vehicle.

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