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The benefits that flow from smart green remodeling

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The reason behind such enormous popularity of green remodeling trend is its goodness. Those who know the flattering benefits of green remodeling value it a lot but the ones who are not well versed with the benefits keep wondering as to what is so great about it. This article intends to enlighten such people on great eco-friendly and individual benefits of the green remodeling trend. Following are the major and the most important benefits of green remodeling:

Enhances the indoor air quality

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The green homes have better air quality as compared to conventional homes, which makes green homes a much more comfortable and a healthy place to live in. Green homes achieve this status with the help of following things that they do:

Minimize emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Mother and son painting walls in a new house

Green remodeling of homes use safe products such as low VOC paints, adhesives, and many other things that they use. This factor brings a considerable fall in VOC emissions in a home, thus, contributing to the enhancement of indoor air quality.

Radon-mitigation systems

Radon-mitigation systems

Radon mitigation system is an extremely essential part of a green remodeling. Radon is a harmful gas that comes from soil around a home that enters inside only to make the inhabitants sick. Therefore, green constructions install a radon mitigation system in the foundation so that it does not enter inside. This helps reducing a person’s level of exposure to this cancer-producing gas.

Elimination of mold

mold growth

Mold leads respiratory troubles in human beings, and excess of moisture is what enables it to grow in homes. Green structures have proper ventilation and are properly sealed so that unwanted moisture does not enter inside.

Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is the motto of green homes, and they do it with the help of these following procedures:

Tight Thermal Envelope

Tight Thermal Envelope

Green homes have an ultimate sealing that ensures no energy unnecessarily escapes or enters a home. As in, they are properly insulated that prevents heat loss in winters and stops outside heat to enter in summers.

Installation of an ideal sized HVAC system

Air conditioning system assembled on top of a building.

A home can do without a sufficient sized HVAC system when the thermal envelope is of high quality. On the other hand, if thermal envelope is not quite efficient then one has to install a sufficient sized HVAC system. Small HVAC system is definitely less expensive and is efficient but only if it is backed by a high quality thermal envelope.

Water Savings

Water wastage is a big problem but green homes know pretty well how to control it.

Efficient plumbing-system design

plumber fixing central heating system

Green remodeling that aims to reduce water wastage brings into use a highly efficient plumbing system design that is adept at bringing down water consumption and water wastage in a home. High efficiency toilets that use lesser water every time you flush it, which is in contrast to tradition flushing system that is water hog. Insulated hot water pipes are other installations help make a difference. If you live in a bigger city, it should be fairly easy to find a plumber to give you a hand. Any good Los Angeles-based plumbers will be experienced with highly efficient, green plumbing systems because that is what it takes to compete in a competitive, modern society.

Installation of high-efficiency appliances

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High efficiency water gadgets are available in the market that works just as Energy Star rated electrical appliances that help save electricity. They are called the smart appliances like smart dishwashers, washing machines, taps, and showers that do not dispense unnecessary amount of water reminding people about water wastage every time they use it.

Landscape watering

closeup of water springer

Irrigation systems installed in the garden at your home can either help you save water or waste it like anything. Low-flow drip systems, bubblers, low-flow sprinklers are some of the smart gadgets that control water wastage.

Green remodeling benefits environment, individual, and the community at large. It offers the homeowner energy savings, durability, and better space, and leaves a minimal impact on the environment.

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