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The decreasing numbers of Koala’s, Atlantic white whale and Tigers is a major concern

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Atlantic White whale

Our wildlife species have a certain significance and importance in our environment. Unfortunately, the drastic changes of the climatic conditions worldwide have had some bad effects on them. What also makes it more saddening is the fact that most of this is caused due to human negligence. In the aim to lead a better life, we are not just draining out our natural resources but wiping their existence. To top it up, the wildlife species are also paying the brunt of it. Not only are they losing their homes but along with that, they are also losing their lives. Recently three major headlines brought in some alarming news. These headlines were pertaining to the lives of the Koalas, the Atlantic white whale, and the Tigers. The sad part is that these three beautiful creatures are decreasing in numbers so fast that they are heading towards extinction.

The situation of the Koala’s in Australia

Australian Koala

These beautiful and loving creatures were second in line to be the pride of the Australian land after the Kangaroos. Unfortunately, in one of the recent headlines, the challenges that the Koalas are facing was brought to light.  As per a recent analysis, presently over the past 20 years, a total of 53% of the population of Koala’s in Queensland have demised. One of the main reasons behind this is the loss of habitat, which is essential for the survival of Koalas. Another reason behind the decrease of these lovely creatures is the fur trade that targets a huge number of koalas every year.

The tigers are also in danger in India

The tiger

In India, the death toll of tigers is increasing every year due to their poaching. This has not just bought environmentalists to their rescue but even animal activists are sending appeals to the government to come up with lucrative efforts and to improve anti-poaching laws. The numbers have come down to around 3,900 tigers remaining in the wild. Its electric wires and wildlife traps that are taking their lives. Even forest officials tend to miss out on these traps as they are smartly placed deep within the grounds. It is very rarely that a tiger can break these bonds and save itself. Across the world, conservation organizations are also coming up with different ways of how they can spread the awareness to save the tigers and strengthen the measures for anti-poaching.

The Atlantic White whales is also in threat

Atlantic White whale

It is not just on the land, but even in waters, the number of different species of fish are decreasing rapidly. One of the latest headlines has highlighted the decrease in numbers of the Atlantic White  Whale. The reducing population of the whales on its own is a concern, but the numbers of the Atlantic White Whales has made experts, scientists, and everybody else associated with the marine life even more worried. The conditions of their body clearly show the strain they go through for food since they have to travel longer distances. In a matter of a few months, the overall deaths that were reported was around 2%, and it looks like these numbers will keep on increasing. Efforts and measure are being taken to prevent the extinction of these beautiful creatures considering that the numbers are going so low. Even the places, which were once the best places for the young to feed on, are now shifting away due to the lack of food availability. It is only a matter of time when we will be left with only pictures and videos of them.