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The Glass Rider rides high on recyled materials

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A breath of air escaped my mouth when I read about this product. The true magnificence has been depicted by this product in all its glory. Prepared out of pieces of broken glass, recycled stainless steel washing machine parts and serving trays, this would give even the other motor biking companies a run for their money.

Studio Re-Creation from Netherlands has designed the Glass Rider by fusing together recycled parts which would otherwise have had no value once discarded. By putting together these parts, they have been able to come up with a secure technique to utilize left over parts of washing machines, serving trays along with all those pleasurable memories, captured into one of the most award deserving and breath taking Glass Rider.

Studio Re-Creation collaborates with individuals and companies, in turn converting their cherished moments and, of course, wasted materials (serving trays, pieces of broken washing machines and broken glass being their favorite) into tastefully decorated pieces of mind blowing art and sculpture.

Via: greenmuze