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The Green Transformer generates bio fuel out of algae

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The product
Green Transformer, the product’s utility is expertly spelled out by its name, is a solar-powered device which helps to convert algae into bio oil. Fusing the algae with a chemical additive, the algae is converted into bio fuel, right in your backyard.

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Yi Liu, Jiang Yu-ning & Luo Jing are the designers for this bio oil making device.

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How it works

The Green Transformer floats on the surface of water, absorbing algae from the water. Inside the Transformer, the absorbed algae is mixed with the chemical additive, converting it into bio fuel. When the transformer is floating on top of the water, the solar panels can be opened up to absorb the solar energy required to drive the conversion process.

The resultant fuel can be used as a substitute for petroleum. Considering the green aspect, this bio fuel is eco-friendly and helps convert readily available resource into precious fuel for running our fuel based gadgets. The product can be folded and unfolded according to convenience and storage requirements.

Via: YankoDesign

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