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‘The Illusionist’ : A fashion show that amalgamates style and sustainability

Supporting the environment in anything you do is worth appreciating. Be it food, fashion, IT or travel, if you are kind to the environment in any way, it is a great achievement. The Dress for Success, an International non profit organization, conducted its fifth annual fundraiser with a fashion show promoting the greener aspects of life.

The organization dedicated to improving the lives of women in various cities around the world, provides professional clothing employment retention programs and supports every woman’s ability to be self sufficient and successful in her career.

The Reconstruct Benefit Show, as it is called, has a theme every year. This year they centered around the theme ‘The Illusionist’ which showcased recycled, reused and reconstructed styles. About 95 percent of the clothes were made of recycled materials and accessories making the fashion show one of a kind.

The models sashayed down the ramp in stylish garments and innovative accessories. The challenge was undertaken by five local designers who put together the clothes which centered around the theme ‘The Illusionist.’ They were asked to create clothes and accessories which were more than what they appeared to be, to cause an illusion, to be precise.

Buoyant, as well as mellow designs dotted the runway at the Flying M Coffee Garage in Napa. Newspapers, nets and plastic were widely used as part of the creativity splendor. The show stopper and winner of the show, however, was a design called ‘Madame Poppy’ by Renda Palmer. Made with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and over 220 painted coffee filters, this dress was spectacular on its own. Darcy Beattle and Kay Seurat’s Magician’s Assistant came in a close second.

Via: BoiseWeekly