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The MiniPak hydrogen powered eco-friendly gadget charger

minipak portable electronic device charger

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies has developed an interesting device to facilitate eco-friendly recharging of small electrical gadgets such as MP3 players, cell phones, smart phones and gaming devices. Called the Mini Pak, the palm sized universal portable charger comes equipped with two HydroSTIKs cartridges. Each cartridge can store 15Wh of energy, enough for 2 to 3 charges of a 3G smart phone, or 4-6 charges for average cell phones.

The HydroSTIK can be refilled at a HydroFILL, which is a mini palm-sized hydrogen station for personal use, not sold with the Mini Pak. The user only has to fill water into HydroFill and then plug it into an electrical socket or a solar panel, to generate hydrogen which is automatically stored in solid form into the HydroSTIK cartridge. Once full the cartridge can be placed into the MiniPak to deliver power via a USB port. The portable Mini Pak is capable of cost effectively recharging electrical devices that need up to 2W of power and for durations longer than today’s alternative rechargeable batteries.

Via: InventorSpot