The Modern Uses of Green Energy

The Modern Uses of Green Energy

Nowadays, there is so much talk going on about green energy, with a huge focus being put on generating power that does not hurt the environment. Electrical power is normally a huge focus on utilizing green energy.

Fossil fuel emissions create toxic hydrocarbons that can easily make us ill. Also, the energy sources that we use are not refillable. This means that they will eventually run out. It is something that should not be the case since it does hurt nature. Using green energy means using resources like sun, wind and water.

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Solar Energy

Best Time to Invest in Solar Energy

Whenever green energy is made with electricity coming from the sun, it is known under the name solar energy. This is retained with the use of solar panels. 2 solar panel types exist. Both use technology as new energy is being created. When we talk about solar water heaters we talk about energy panels that can absorb sunlight to then be transferred into water through heating. Photovoltaic panels are used to transform radiation right into electrical energy.

The best efficiency in solar energy can be achieved when the solar panels are put on the roof, with a 30 degrees angle positioning towards the south. Never add the panels close to shady spots. Also, do not place them around chimneys, buildings and trees.

In many cases solar energy systems are used in order to heat water. As the panels are connected with the house’s hot water system, an excess of half necessary water can be offered every single year. The chosen solar collectors are normally tubes or plates.

Wind Energy

wind energy concept

Wind has been used as a green energy source for a long time now. When it initially appeared, the main purpose was to help pump water in grain mills. Wind turbines did change in the past through various improvements. Wind is practically captured and electricity is generated in areas that show high wind. We often see wind turbines in open fields or on the top of high hills. Electricity that is generated can be exported so the local power grids can use them, together with various other standalone applications.

Using wind energy showcases a truly enormous potential. This is now especially the case when referring to farming. We are talking about a really safe and clean renewable energy source that is much more advanced than what many believe. Wind farms can produce really high electricity sources.

It needs to be added that at the moment the potential is actually much higher than what is produced. In the following years it is expected that wind energy use will keep increasing in various parts of the world.

Final Thoughts

Both solar energy and wind energy have the huge advantage of producing zero emissions or chemicals. The environment is thus protected. The drawback of using alternative energy sources is that availability might be low in various parts of the world. However, as technology advances, new green energy sources are discovered and brand new technology is being developed.

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