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The OC’s first LEED Platinum certified luxury home

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Steve Blanchard, a real estate developer has spent a year working hard on building the ultimate green home in Orange County. All his hard work has won him his prize – the LEED Platinum certification. Hailed as the ‘Costa Mesa Green Home’, the dwelling is the first custom residence to receive the nation’s highest rating under the LEED green-building program. Located at 1811 Gisler Avenue in Costa Mesa, California, it covers a area of 5,000 square feet and has a long list of green features to flaunt.

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The Costa Mesa Green Home incorporates green aspects like optimized orientation and design to take advantage of the elements and use of durable, sustainable, and non-toxic materials. It also includes ventilation design to maximize indoor air quality and efficiently cool the home; use of high efficiency HVAC equipment and Energy Star lighting; construction with highly insulated walls and windows and installation of a no-water, native landscape. Other green credential are use of shower gray water recycling for toilet and irrigation reuse; and photovoltaic panels sufficient to power the home’s entire electrical load.

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