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The top environmental concerns our planet faces today

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The green thinking and living did not come on its own but some conditions and circumstances forced human beings to develop green thinking. Some environmental concerns that have brought planet earth on the verge of extinction and that demanded immediate attention and solution. Green living came up as a solution to many pressing issues, and following are the topmost and the most disturbing issues.

Waste disposal


Some countries, especially the underdeveloped countries have a major problem of waste disposal. Such countries have high levels of pollution, as garbage end up in landfill sites and pollute the air and water.


Busy Street

Overpopulation is very simple to define, a situation where there are too many people but few resources to satisfy their requirements. Population explosion exerts too much pressure on the already existing scarce resources, eventually forcing them to the verge of extinction.

Climate change

Climate change

Global warming or more appropriately, climate change is a risk that has been concerning scientists and environmentalists since decades. Temperatures are rising; ice sheets are melting and causing threat to human life on earth. The major reason for this climate change is the excessive production of greenhouse gases, which human beings can curtail using a green lifestyle.

Depletion of natural resources


Human beings have over utilized natural resources, and natural resources like fossil fuel consumption results in emission of Greenhouse gases that is a major cause of climate change. Now almost every country is coming up with some or the other solution that seems to be effective in curbing greenhouse gas emission. The solution is a shift from non-renewable resources to renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and biogas.

Ozone Layer Depletion

Paint spray

Ozone layer, the layer of protection around our planet that saves us from the harmful UV rays is under constant threat, as it is depleting. The Chloro-floro carbons (CFC) containing Bromide and Chlorine cause a hole in the ozone layer that let the UV rays pass through and reach earth’s surface causing numerous health problems. This is one of the biggest and pressing environmental concern and to lessen its impact many countries have made it mandatory for industries to ban CFC usage.

Loss of Biodiversity


Loss of biodiversity is related directly to the influence humans on the ecosystem. Some of the human activities are causing extinction of some species of flora and fauna. The extinction of any one specie is harmful for the ecosystem, as it imbalances the required ratio, which is harmful for the ecosystem.

Acid rain

Acid rain

Acid rain is extremely harmful for human life, aquatic species, and wildlife on earth. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the main culprits behind acid rain, and they are released in the atmosphere by the combustion of fossil fuels, rotting of vegetation, and eruption of volcanoes. Human beings are responsible for the first two reasons mentioned and can take steps to avoid these two happenings, thus, preventing acid rain.

Electronic and Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste

Every year, people discard their electronics such as laptops, cell phones, television sets, and radios due to the rapid technological advancement that makes technology outdated too fast. People usually dump these electronics in the trash along with other waste that ends up in landfill sites. Nobody realizes the extent of harm this action of causes, as the electronics release fumes and some chemicals that pollute air and chemicals that seep in the ground pollute underground water resources. Other materials like lead, mercury, and heavy metals also pollute environment.

Some environmental issues demand immediate attention and solution, or else continue making earth a place no longer fit to support any kind of life.

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