The Vatican and Pope Francis Are Putting Greater Effort into Environment Conservation

Environment Conservation

The environment is deteriorating day by day and it is important that eminent people of the society educate the common person on the need for conservation of the surroundings. One famous name that is taking active efforts in this regards is Pope Francis, who is very clear on the fact that efforts have to be put in to save nature.

What is the message given by Pope Francis?

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On the occasion of the Catholic Church’s World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation which was started by the Pope last year, Pope Francis said that just like the acts of charity like feeding the destitute etc, it is equally important that we care for nature. He clearly pointed out that harming the environment was a sin and it was important that we protect the environment, which is everyone’s home. He put forth an innovative thought, that is that prayer, and the deeds of conserving nature must be added to the corporal works of mercy and spiritual works of mercy. He said that commonly people feel that shelters for the homeless, food for poor etc are acts of mercy. However, according to him one has to show mercy to humankind overall. He said that by bringing about deteriorating changes in the environment, we have only added to problems like climate change and this is an act of sin. He said that we have converted God’s creation into garbage and waste dumping grounds.

What are the changes that he expects from man?

He said that it is important for people to bring about a change in their lifestyle. Man must put in efforts by planting more trees, separating waste; he must also resort to car-pooling. He said that political and business leaders should also take steps to bring about the social change. He felt that it is important that each one stops thinking about the short-term personal benefits.

What is the stand of Vatican officials?

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The Vatican supports the stand of Pope Francis. Vatican official clearly told the UN human rights council that everyone will get affected by the climate change and that it was everyone’s moral responsibility to ensure that they save nature. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi said that if we are concerned about the well-being of human beings and nature then we have to understand the interdependence of nature and human being with one another.

Some strong statements made by Pope Francis on environment:

  • According to the Pope God always forgives and man will forgive sometimes but nature never forgives.
  • If a Christian does not safeguard God’s creations, then it only shows that he has no concern with God’s creations
  • The relationship between man and nature should not be that of greed, exploitation and manipulations and the harmony has to be conserved with harmony between the two.
  • We are born to make a beautiful garden for the human family, but when we destroy nature, we are betraying this noble cause.
  • He has also made a statement that this earth, which is our common home, has started to look like garbage land. He said that our elders feel sad that these landscapes, which were once very beautiful, are today filled with garbage.
  • In one statement, he has said that we have received this nature as inheritance from the previous generation, but this is also a loan from our next generation and we need to return it back to the next generation.

All these statements from Pope Francis clearly indicate that he strongly advocates the need to save Mother Nature. He is clear on the fact that if we do not take active steps now then, soon all will be lost and there is hardly anything that we will be able to do.

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