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This Christmas Will Witness 120,000 Children Homeless

a homeless child

When we will be celebrating the X-mas Day in various parts of the world, little children in England will wake up homeless and dispossessed to witness the same day in lights they are phlegmatic to. There is a record of 127,992 homeless children in England, according to new government figures highlighted today by housing charity Shelter. Over the festive season, the number of homeless children who will wake up in temporary accommodation has reached 83,962 in London alone! These figures are published recently by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

As part of the charity’s campaign to persuade government to commit to building an extra 20,000 social rented homes a year, Adam Sampson, director of Shelter, lit up alternative Christmas lights. This commitment would help lift thousands of children out of homelessness and bad housing. More than one million children live in housing unfit for human habitation. This inevitably impacts on their health, education and future prospects, according to Shelter’s own research. With the approach of the Christmas, can they expect the Santa Claus with a piece of roof and a little gesture of belongingness?!…

Via: The Guardian