This festive season go green with these eco friendly celebration ideas

Festivals are special occasions when you decorate your home, and make traditional festive food. There are many store bought decorations which look beautiful but are not eco friendly, as they are made from plastic and metals. You can celebrate festivals in an eco friendly way with environment friendly decor made of sustainable materials like which provide some varieties of interesting bamboo products and accessories. These products will add a unique as well as green effect in your decoration. Like LED lights can be avoided with bamboo lamps and glass jar lanterns etc.
Here are some ways in which you can celebrate festivals in a green and clean way:

 Celebrating Diwali in an eco friendly manner

DIY Diwali décor

Diwali is the festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil by lighting up homes and bursting crackers.

Eco friendly rangoli

A rangoli made from natural colours, fresh marigold flowers and pulses is stunning and beautiful. Herbal colours can be used instead of chemical ones, so that your choice does not harm the environment.

Diwali shopping

Diwali shoppingDiwali is the time to shop – to buy gifts for your friends and family. To carry all your shopping, take a reusable bag or bags from home, instead of accepting the plastic bags from shops. You won’t collect any more plastic bags. While gifting too, choose eco friendly juts bags which look elegant, rather than the printed paper.

Diwali lights

It a wonderful sight to see all the bright light in various design. The shops are full of harmful plastic lights which are cheap too, and they are hard to resist.

You can light up your home with earthen lamps and lanterns which make your home look elegant and graceful too. This is a green alternative to plastic lights, which is as affordable too.

Say no to crackers

Say no to crackersAvoid crackers completely, as so many gases are released into the atmosphere, causing allergies and other respiratory diseases. The unbearable sound of thousands of crackers bursting has been known to cause heart attacks in the elderly, and a lot of distress to animals.

Instead of crackers, have a community bonfire, or burst balloons. The mindset of society that crackers are required on Diwali has to be changed, and it can only change with every person refusing to burst crackers.

Celebrating an eco friendly Eid

Eid celebration too can be an eco friendly one, by choosing green decorations for your home.

Eid welcome signs

Make ‘Happy Eid’ signs using recycled paper or newspaper and painting them. Stick them to a string to make a wonderful welcome sign on your front door.

Candle lantern

candle lanternMake beautiful lanterns from wood to light up your home and driveway. They look very festive and look pretty, and you can keep lighting candles when one burns out. An eco friendly pathway light option is this wooden candle lantern.

Make lovely cards

Beautiful cards with stars and crescent moon can be made, which you can decorate your sideboards and coffee tables with.

Falling star strings

Draw some falling stars on waste paper, colour or paint them and stick them on a string to make a wonderful falling star decoration. You can paint them in gold or silver colour, or bedazzle them to make them even more attractive.

Celebrating environment friendly Christmas

green-ChristmasChristmas is celebrated all around the world celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus. Christmas decorations are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials, which are mostly disposable.

Christmas tree

Christmas trees are the most important decor element in Christmas. Fake ones are less painstaking, but often made of plastic. Stay away from plastic trees and buy a real one which can last for years. A potted Christmas tree is a good choice and offsets the carbon footprint of your home.

Cardboard tree

green-ChristmasIf you don’t have a green thumb, and cannot have a real tree, the other option is a cardboard tree cut up and decorated with silver and golden spangles.


Forage your garden or a park nearby to make a wreath, and include holly, fir and eucalyptus for a festive feel.

Pine cones wreath

Make a pine cone circle to create your own wreath. Add a satin bow to give it sophisticated touch.

All festivals can be celebrated in a manner which does not harm the environment, yet continue the festive tradition. Avoiding plastic decorations is one of the ways in which you can go green in celebrating any festival.

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