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This is how schools can get kids to contribute to the environment

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Saving electricity

One of the major areas of concern these days is to save the environment and the planet from pollution and global warming.  It is the duty of each and every citizen of our country to contribute towards the betterment of environment. Not only the adults, the small kids and students can also start working towards saving the environment. Every little step towards this great work will definitely provide extraordinary results. Specifically the students can focus on being environment friendly and in taking actions to educate other people to be like that. It can prove to be a very good idea if students can go for some simple changes in their busy lives and acquaint themselves with the advantages and importance of going green.

Use of Reusable bags


Instead of using the regular plastic bags, which are thrown up after use in the landfills and other areas, reusable bags can be used. These plastic bags may suffocate the animals, if they mistake it for their food, and they are also very harmful for the environment as they do not decompose easily. The school kids can educate their parents, relatives and neighbors regarding the use of reusable bags and their advantages. Using a reusable shopping bag cuts down the litter and saves animals as well as the environment. Just make a habit of taking reusable bags with you while going out as they are needed more often. Some states are even banning the plastic bags in the support of Go Green revolution.

Keeping the notes for other students

reading notes

A small thing, but rather a very important one in favor of environment is keeping the school notes well managed instead of throwing them. Students work very hard in writing, gathering and studying from the notes that they collect all through the year. As they do not need the notes at the end of the semester, they throw them away and again start preparing new notes for the next course. In this case, one thing can be done that these notes can be given to the junior students, which can help them with their studies. Some classes and institutions have also started to take the students notes to help other students. A small change in this direction will be a great one towards saving paper, reducing litter and thus saving the environment.

Saving electricity

Saving electricity

This is again a small change in habit which can lead to great results. This can be started by the school children from their home. Switching off the lights when not in use is the starting step in the direction of saving electricity. Instead of the regular bulbs, the energy efficient light bulbs should be used. Nowadays these energy efficient bulbs are available everywhere because they are way better and offer many advantages. The use of air conditioners should also be reduced when they are not actually needed. Windows should be opened to let the fresh air come inside. If weather outside it very pleasant, we should enjoy it.

Reducing the use of vehicles smartly

using bicycle

Taking cars to reach anywhere cannot be avoided fully, but pooling the cars to the same places can be definitely done to save environment from pollution. Something is always better than nothing. Other than this, taking a walk to the nearest places, using public transport sometimes, using bicycles and riding a bike are the other options which can be used instead of taking cars every time. It will save the environment, save fuel and save your money too. If there is no other option than driving a car, pooling is the best option as it provides various advantages like saving the fuel, saving the environment, saving money and of course coming closer to friends.

Reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles

It is high time to say good bye to bottled water and to use reusable water bottle for not only yourself, but for your family and friends too. The plastic of the bottles in which water is stored are very harmful for the environment, they can even take more than 500 years to decompose. This is something that is affecting the environment to a great extent. There are many cool water bottles options available in market which can be reused and help us in getting rid of these plastic bottles. So a small change in our regular habits can help us a lot in saving the environment.

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