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This Week (13-19 Nov): The Best of Environment Blogs

Inhabitat says that although New York City is still lagging far behind Chicago and many European and Asian cities, green roofing is finally started to pick up here. Community arts center ABC No Rio is renovating its dilapidated four-story tenement building in the Lower East Side to include an extensive green roof.

The Biodiesel Blogs informs that there are 26 million square feet of empty, i.e. abandoned, Walmart buildings strewn across the United States! And based on the relatively agreed upon number of 10,000 gallons of algae oil per acre per year (some say as high as 20,000), that amount of space could yield 6 million gallons of algae oil bio-diesel feedstock per year. That is equivalent to roughly 20% of all the commercial bio-diesel production in America last year.

The climate change blog, Climate Ark provides a brief commentary and analysis of the changing climate. It says, as greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere increase due to humanity’s pervasive presence upon the Earth, a range of feedbacks threaten to tremendously increase resulting impacts.

Eco Earth believes that Ecological Internet (EI) is unique by virtue of providing purely Internet based campaign and information retrieval tools, devoted to rigorous environmental conservation sufficient to ensure global ecological sustainability. It is also based upon ecological science while being run by conservation scientists. Ecological Internet is deeply committed to identifying and promoting ecologically based policies sufficient to meet the Earth’s and humanity’s needs in perpetuity.