Three disastrous effects mining has on our environs

The nature is a rich source of materials that has enabled us to develop human civilization to its present level. Without mining this would not be possible. We get minerals and metals through mining. Fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are also collected through mining. What we get from nature through mining has helped in the improvement and establishment of new industries and innovation of new technologies. It has provided jobs to millions of people. The mining companies are a huge part of world economy. We can’t stop mining but we also cannot neglect the negative impact of mining on our environment. Mining is one of the biggest reasons behind global warming and climatic changes. It has contributed to a large part of world pollution. In this article some of the effects of regular mining will be discussed so that you understand what it is doing to our nature and environment.


Pollutes Water

If mining is done without the right precautions, under the expert guidance of environmentalists and geologists then it can cause severe water pollution. The chemicals like arsenic and sulfuric acid can get mixed with surrounding water bodies. The rubbles from mining need to be disposed carefully or they can cause damage to natural vegetation and the toxins can mix with soil water. The toxins can damage the ecosystem of water bodies. Imbalance in aquatic ecosystem can have adverse impact on the whole environment.

Soil Pollution

Mining requires a lot of land. The miners need to reside close by and the area where the mine is located has to be deforested. Cutting down plants not only increases the amount of carbon dioxide in air but also causes serious soil erosion. The roots of the plants hold the soil tight but when there are no plants the soil becomes both lose and acrid. Cutting down plants around the mine also affects the ecosystem and disrupts the lives and biological cycle of many animals, birds and insects.


Degradation of Huge Land

Due to mining huge plots of lands are dug up and those lands are filled with waste products and dirty water from mining. Such irresponsible mining leads to degradation of lands. Water that gets stuck in such land holes can breed mosquitoes and this can lead to diseases like dengue and malaria. Mining produces lots of wasted gravel and rubble. Careless disposal of such rubbish causes further land degradation and water pollution.

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