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Timeless luxurious bench glows to teak wood’s character

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Kristoffer Kjær, one of Denmark’s trendsetting young designers, brings creativity, art and sustainability to life with his spectacular line of furniture. His “Hover Bench” is both a modern and timeless expression of the classic bench. Looking at the bench, you would never be able to judge its source. The luxurious piece of furniture is a beautiful ensemble of vertically positioned lamellae that form the seat, all reclaimed from old Dutch colony houses in Indonesia.

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The wood used in these houses was cut from century-old teak trunks, which was later treated with oil to give it the sheen finish. The old teak wood has a glow and a character, making the piece stand out. This talented designer has a whole range of chairs, tables, sofas and benches to show to the world, which he calls the “Hover Collection.” All these symbols of his ingenuity and creativity will be soon seen at Copenhagen’s brand new design fair COpenhagenDEsign.

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