Tip- The Ripple Effect LED Light by Tapio Anttila

Tip is a very innovative LED light designed by the famous designer Tapio Anttila. It captures the essence of life into concrete form by capturing the beauty of the ripple of water as it is just about to absorb the drop that has fallen into a calm water surface and has created a perfect ripple. Perhaps, this originality is the reason why it won the prestigious A’ Design Award in the Lighting Design Category for 2010 – 2011.

Tip Led Interior Design Light

Primarily designed to serve as a very innovative and stylish interior design LED light, the Tip succeeds in capturing the beautiful essence of a water droplet. It is a design inspired by nature and given concrete form by the artful usage of traditional materials like acrylic and LED. The uniqueness of this design lies in the fact that it is something that happens all around you, yet after looking at this light, perhaps for the first time, you would notice that the last Tip of the water drop can be so artfully captured in its pure essence. The design has been crafted in such a way that the entire light’s base gains a stylish yet unique shape of perfect flatness, for maximum view. The super thin yet durable acrylic sheet is merely 50 mm thick at the center of the base and keeps on tapering as it reaches towards the edges. This has been specifically done in order to perfectly disperse the emitted LED light in the best way, so as to fully optimize the light being produced by the LED. The light is not just reflected towards every corner of the room, but also towards the ceiling as well, creating a unique halo of light around the Tip light. The design also keeps in mind that the wire of the light seems to be a perfect extension of the Tip light and not seem inappropriate at all.

The best feature of this unique light is that it would not just add a new dimension to the interiors of your home, but would also help you to save on your electricity bills since the LED light is known to consume lesser power for the same brightness, than its traditional counterparts. Another advantage of this light is that it would last you a great deal more than any other power saving lights that you may have used till date thanks to its advanced LED technology and high grade materials that are used in its making.

The Tip has a diameter of around 600mm as of now, but more models of varying sizes are expected to roll out once it is put into production. It is also expected that you would soon witness the expansion of the series that would also include table and floor version lights as well.

You might have to wait for some time before you can take home and install this award winning concept light in your home but still there is no way of ignoring the originality of thought and uniqueness of concept that went into the creation of this stylish designer light.

Via: adesignaward

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