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Tips and tricks for enhancing the fuel economy of your vehicle

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Fuel economy is one thing that is the need of the hour to save money, as the fuel prices are skyrocketing, and to save the environment from the harmful greenhouse gas emissions. There are ample ways that can help you increasing your car’s mileage, to reduce your carbon footprint, and to save money on expensive fuel purchase but only a few of them are quick, easy, and truly efficient.Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some tips that will certainly help you save money and to sustain environment.

Drive smoothly

Drive smoothly

You have to be smooth and easy with your vehicle’s controls, as in no sudden throttle or the use of heavy breaking. Sudden and hard acceleration or jumpy stops increase fuel consumption and add to the wear and tear of vehicle. Aggressive driving is not at all cool and it costs you a lot more in terms of fuel consumption.

Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance

The more you maintain your vehicle the less would be your fuel consumption, and vice-versa. You should check tire pressure regularly, as improper inflation of tires increases fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Ensure that the air filter in your car is all clean, as a dirty air filter enhances carbon emissions and the fuel consumption. Always buy adequate fuel, as not every fuel is meant for your car and send your car for routine checkups.

Turn off the engine

Turn off the engine

You are waiting for your friend to join you in your car while the engine is on, which mean you are burning fuel but for zero Kmpl. You should always switch off the engine when you are stuck in a jam, waiting for someone, or just idling your time. Some new cars are equipped with a smart start-stop technology that automatically stops if the idle time exceeds a particular time limit.

Shed some weight

Car trunk

If you are in the habit of keeping your car loaded with unnecessary things like a tire that is of no use anymore, the foot pump or jack in no good condition, or other unnecessary stuff that makes your car heavy. The heavier the car, the greater is its thrust, and the higher is its fuel consumption. Therefore, try to keep your car as light as possible, save money and reduce carbon emission.

Shut the windows

Beautiful girl enjoying her new car

Some people open windows wide open while driving thinking that they are saving on fuel by not using air conditioning and using the natural air outside for the purpose. Such people do not know that amount of fuel air conditioning consumes is far less than the amount of fuel consumption that the open windows increase while driving. Try to keep windows shut most of the times and do not use too much of air-conditioning as well.

Buy a fuel-efficient car

Lady pumping gasoline fuel in car at gas station.

It would not be possible for many to buy new cars so they can get the hang of other tips that lead to fuel economy, and the ones who are on a lookout for a new car can pick a fuel-efficient car. They might cost you more in terms of initial investment but in the long run, they turn out to be big time money savers.

Manage your trips


Fuel efficiency you can achieve if you curtail your number of trips, as in reduce the number of times you visit market to do tasks and do multifarious tasks on a single trip. Plan your trip considering the traffic congestion, and the crowded places.

Fuel efficiency means reduction in fuel consumption, increase in savings, reduction in carbon emissions, and sustainability of the environment.

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