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Five tips to celebrate a green Christmas this year

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for gifts and plan for the festivities. For those who want to reduce their impact on the environment in every possible way, the idea of a green Christmas sounds great. There are a number of interesting ways you can have a wonderful Christmas while caring for the Mother Nature at the same time. After the break are five easy ways you can celebrate a green Christmas this year.

Green gifts

The holiday season is in full swing now, and it’s time everyone is looking for gifts for the near and dear ones. If you care for the planet, you can go for the green gifts, which can include items made from recycled materials, battery free gifts and recycled decorative items that can be further recycled. Buying eco friendly gifts will not only show your care for the planet, but will also appeal to the eco lovers. You can either simply use your imagination to create something unique with recycled materials or simply buy an eco friendly gift from the market. The shelves are flooded with a range of products these days that are not just environmentally friendly but are cost efficient too. After you are done with your green gifts selection, you can further wrap it in a recyclable wrapping paper to make your gift truly green.

Green greeting cards

Greeting cards are the best way to express your love and care, and send your warm wishes to those close to your heart. The eco minded can go for greeting cards made from recycled paper. An eco friendly greeting card made of 100 percent recycled paper will carry your best compliments along with a message of being environmentally conscious. You can also create an eco friendly greeting card yourself with recycled materials and win the appreciation of the person who receives it. You can even send your season’s greetings 100% paper-free with Hallmark ecards for Christmas.

Green christmas tree

If you are looking to have a truly green Christmas, you should go for a green Christmas tree. If you are confused about opting for a live Christmas tree or an artificial tree, we have a neat solution to your concerns. Go for a live potted tree. This is basically a living tree in a container or a pot, which you can place in your backyard or neighborhood after the Christmas is over. If you plan to have a small potted tree this Christmas, you can even use the same tree for years. Nowadays, some companies have started selling and renting these potted trees in different parts of the world. Decorating your Christmas tree with LED lights, recycled ribbons and organic flowers further add to the green factor.

Green wine

As Christmas calls for celebration and parties, delicious food and wine is what adheres to our mind. With the blooming green tradition in every aspect of this festive season, it is time for us to go green even with our glasses of wine. An organic wine is a healthier and ecological way to celebrate this enormous occasion. Organic wines are made up of 100 percent certified organically grown grapes. These grapes are grown in the same way, but without making use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Natural fertilizers and animal manure are used instead to create them. These vine yards are sustainable and also maintained for future. Consumption of organic wine will simply mean consumption of few or no pesticides, which ultimately signifies a healthier you.


Soy candles

The celebrations of Christmas are never complete without burning beautiful and aromatic candles. The incineration of conventional paraffin candles is harmful to the environment and even the health of an individual. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using such candles and switch to alternatives such as soy candles. The soy candles are made from soy wax, processed from soybean oil. Unlike petroleum, from which paraffin wax is manufactured, the soy oil is renewable and eco friendly. This is why soy wax is termed as a natural wax and is preferred by environmental conscious people. The soy candles are less costly than traditional paraffin candles. They produce less soot and do not increase carbon content in the atmosphere and are therefore not unhealthy. They have a comparatively lower melting point, thus dispersing the fragrance quickly into the atmosphere. There are miscellaneous soy candles available in the stores, to choose from. You can select them for yourself or as gift for someone you love. Make your Christmas illuminate for a longer time by burning soy candles.