Tips for choosing sustainable bamboo sheets

Eco-consciousness people are nowadays opting for eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Bamboo rayon is quite eco-friendly in nature if produced in the right way. The bamboo leaves are used for making rayon textile from which bamboo sheets are made. Though bamboo sheets are supposed to be eco-friendly, the procedure in which the bamboo textile is produced is often not eco-friendly.


Not all farmers cultivate bamboo following the eco-friendly guidelines. The bamboo cultivated in a sustainable way is the only bamboo that we should use for making rayon. However, the buyers often have no idea which bamboo sheets are made from eco-friendly bamboo rayon. There are some simple ways of finding best quality bamboo rayon that has been produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Bamboo plants do not require much human supervision or care. They grow in diverse weather conditions. From very hot to quite cold regions you will find bamboo plants growing naturally without any irrigation system, pesticides or fertilizers. This is why bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly options available to us. The bamboo plants grow from its root system and even when the upper half is harvested, there is no need for replanting, as new shoot and leaves will develop from the same root for around a decade.


Though bamboo can be cultivated in a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion some farmers still opt for harmful farming methods that cause deforestation and negatively affect local ecosystems. They cut down forests to make enough space for mono-cultured bamboo plants. They also use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop growth.  This sort of farming practices weakens and disrupts the local ecosystem and causes soil erosion.

Always check out if the bamboo sheets you are buying have been made are certified organic. It means that the bamboo has been cultivated without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The clear cutting free declaration says that the bamboos have not been cultivated by removing the existing forests.

Organic certification is a proof of quality and green cultivation methods. It ensures that the bamboo sheets you are buying have been made with eco-friendly bamboo rayon cultivated in sustainable manner. Also, look for OKEO TEX 100 certification while buying bamboo sheets. This certification guarantees that harmful, nature-polluting chemicals were not used during the production of bamboo fibers.

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