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Tips for preparing eco-friendly Easter basket

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Easter indicates the arrival of spring and gifting a cute little Easter basket will make brighten the day for your loved ones. Why not spread some more goodwill by adopting eco-friendly measures in preparing your Easter basket this year. There are some simple measures you can adopt to make a little gift basket this Easter while giving a thought to Mother Earth.


Few tips for a Green Easter Basket

These are simple tips that you can adopt to go green with your Easter Basket and spread the message.

Green Basket

Plastic baskets not only drill a hole in the pocket but also are waste of resources. Most of them are petroleum based and can be used only once. You can easily use a ceramic bowl, clay pot, reusable tote or wicker basket, which can be an additional gift along with the goodies it will contain. Just add a dash of color and some sash and you are ready to go.


Green Grass

You can probably grow some natural grass in the container you will be using as basket instead of piling it with plastic grass that will later clog the landfills. Another creative option is to line the basket with shredded paper or old fabric that has been painted green.


Green Egg

Ditch the food colors as they contain a fair amount of toxins and are neither good for the environment nor safe for children to handle. Instead, opt for natural Easter eggs dye. It is said that the food colors used for painting the Easter egg can hurt your immunity, cause hypertension, asthma, allergic reactions and ADHD. Natural dyes are easily available and home based products can be used too.


Green Gifts

Opt for eco-friendly gift, homemade, may be, aside from candies such as stuffed toys or clothing. You can make your own candies at home or buy them locally from fair-trade stores. Many manufacturers donate a part of their sales for some noble cause; you can contribute towards that as well. Fruits also make cool gifts to place within the basket.


Out-of-the-box Gifting

You can add a quirky twist to your gift and may be fill the basket with gardening tools, make a birdhouse with small birds in them, make reusable baskets with papier-mâché.

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