Tips to help your recycle everyday objects into plant containers

Gardens can be renovated colorfully in different ways. You can let your creativity free by recycling household products to make them into garden accessories, planters, vases, and the like. The only factor you need to consider is that the material you choose should sustain well in the soil or drainage water. Some of the tips to give your garden a fresh look are mentioned below:

 Recycling old bathroom fixtures

Recycling old bathroom fixtures

If you wish to make your garden look contemporary and unique, you can make use of objects such as bathroom commodes, sinks, and bath tubs to convert them into planters. Care should be taken to reduce the size of the holes of these drains. Too much of water draining out is not good for gardening. You can do so by placing rock on the holes, or placing a small mat or bucket beneath the leaks.

old footwear planter
Recycling old footwear

In this category, the old rain boots or rubber shoes work well. They are not only large but also can sustain the wet conditions. First, you will have to drill holes into the shoes, then place the rocks at the bottom and lastly make a layer of soil and start planting.

 Recycling old buckets or plastic tubs into planter

Recycling old buckets or plastic tubs

Another accessory that suits best in gardening is old buckets and plastic tubs. You can follow the simple procedure mentioned in the above two. Since buckets are bigger in size and have good volume, they have good soil capacity. Care should be taken to keep these buckets at a certain height using wooden planks or grilled stools. The reason behind doing so is that you can avoid over saturation or accumulation of water that cannot seep out otherwise.

 old furniture planter

Recycling old furniture

Surprising as it may sound, but wicker seats or chairs that can have holes drilled into it can be considered good as planters. A small dresser can also be used for the same. However, first you need to make it weather proof and then drill holes on the sides for air passage. Later, drill holes at the bottom and then fill it with soil. If the dresser is heavy, you can try to incline it on a wall or a tree.

old wooden barrels planter
Recycling old wooden crates, barrels and kegs

Placing barrels or wooden crates just to add to the theme of the garden can also be a great idea. If not, you can always use them as planters. This looks good if the theme is antique or rustic.


Personalize your garden, and add the eco-friendly touch by recycling and re-using various common household objects. Making planters can be easy and rewarding.

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