Tips and ideas to remember when planting a green roof

Green roof looks lovely and has a variety of benefits both environmental and individual. However, one needs to take into consideration numerous points that enable a person to make a green roof that can offer benefits one desires and deserves the most. Here are some of the tips one must consider:

Ease of installation

Based on your expectations, as in how much ease you are expecting regarding a green roof installation, you can choose from a variety of options. If you are not willing to invest quite your time and energy, you can pick a variety of things such as pre-made planted trays or mats. However, if you are up for investing your time and efforts because you desire having a customized green roof, you must come up with ideas and unique ways that make you happy.

Looks matter

Many of the plants are seasonal, which means they remain dormant for most of the time and blossom only when their season arrives. For the rest of the time, they do not appear beautiful but like brown lifeless grass. If it is majorly the looks you are concentrating upon while designing your green roof, you should ensure that you pick exclusively evergreen plants. They manage to make a green roof appear green and attractive irrespective of the season changes. You can do another thing as well, invest on majority of evergreen plants and pick few seasonal plants.

Consider local environmental conditions

You will be tempted to pick the most glamorous of plants and flowers for your green roof but there is a word of caution for you. There is no point picking up plants only based upon their beauty, rather you should take into consideration the local environment conditions.

No matter how beautiful a plant is, it will not work well on your roof if the local environmental conditions oppose it. You should know the climate zone of your area, which will help you consult with your landscape architect or a horticulturist regarding choice of plants for your green roof.

Consider roof’s weight capacity

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While planning a layout of your green roof, you must remember to acknowledge the weight capacity of your roof. This is because dirt is heavy and wet dirt is even heavier. You are supposed to consult a structural engineer so that you get to know the actual load bearing capacity of the roof. Knowing that, you will be able to design a green roof that is just beautiful and poses no threat to the structure.

Focus on functionality

Choice of different plants has not only to do with the looks but with the functionality as well. For instance, choosing plants that smell nice and are extremely beautiful to look at, you can choose them if you desire making your green roof a space that provides you immense pleasure and joy every time you have a look at it. Similarly, if you hate bugs, try to plant some plants that are insect repellants.

Apart from all this, pay close attention to the drainage system of your roof, so that water in no way affects the structure beneath. It goes for the insulation, as proper insulation of roof, which works wonders for reduction in the electricity bills.

Sun and wind exposure

If your roof receives maximum sunlight every day, you can invest in plants and veggies that demand full sun exposure for their normal growth. On the other hand, if there is more of shade, investing on shade-tolerant plants and veggies is advised. Wind is good but too much of it is bad for plants, as it breaks and dries them. You should invest on certain wind barriers for your green roof.

In order to come up with a perfect green roof, one is supposed to consider numerous factors that play integral role in a green roof’s success or failure.

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