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Tips on decorating girls’ bedrooms with recycled items

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Recycled items can be used to decorate a girl’s room in a very chic fashion. There is no reason to think that old and used things cannot make your room look elegant and luxurious. The fact is that with a little creativity you can make any old object look gorgeous and fashionable. Recycle is necessary to reduce global pollution and keep our environment clean. In this article, you will find some great tips for making a woman’s bedroom look fabulous.


Experiment with the bed:

The main furniture in a bedroom is definitely the bed. You can any modern, simple bed a beautiful makeover by reusing some old objects. Use old wrought iron gets and heavy wooden doors for making the headboard of the bed. You can get the old wooden door polished in a suitable varnish to make your room look good. Use old cloth pieces to make a quirky, new quilt for your bed. You may use some new cloth pieces along with the old clothes for synchronizing the colors and textures. You can create fun and colorful pillow covers by using lace and satin from heavy old dresses. Another classic vintage material that you can use for the little stitching projects is brocade.


Dressing table and storage:

Your room should have the mark of your creativity. Go to different yard sales to find out the perfect vintage dresser for your room. You can then use your favorite pretty, pastel shades for coloring the dresser like lilac, powder blue or pink. Use rhinestones to decorate the mirror. Stencil flowers and other additional decorative items can make your dresser stand out. Old doorknobs can be used cunningly as pegs for your regular clothes or handbags. Get a vintage wooden partition and repair it from a local shop. The partition will divide the space of your bedroom and make it more organized.


Use glass jars and wall decoration:

You can use discarded wallpapers to make a unique wall-art for your bedroom. Get creative with a scissor and cut the wallpaper in lovely shapes. Paste the pieces you have cut together to make your wall look amazing. Instead of throwing empty glass jars of jam, jelly or pickles use them for decoration. Colorful pebbles, daisies and small sized flowers, marbles and seas shells you can store all these in glass jars and make the nooks and corners of your room look lovely.