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Tips to create a garden pond with recycled tires

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Many of us who love gardening and spending quality time outdoors in their own yard or garden wish to have a pond. The summer months become bearable with a pond in the backyard or front garden. You can easily make a small, neat and lovely pond with the help of some easily available materials and old car tires. Making a pond with recycled tires is a great idea because this way you can put old tires to use and beautify your garden. In this article, we have discussed the procedure of making a garden pond with recycled tires.


Buy the correct materials:

You can use the old and seemingly useless tires from your own vehicle or get some from a nearby garage. Get at least three tire of different sizes. You will also need a scroll saw, a shovel and a level. If you do not have these DIY tools at home, go to your local hardware store for buying them. Also, pay a visit to the local garden center and buy sturdy, good quality garden foil, which will last for a long time. You will also have to arrange materials like gravel, pebbles, stones (of different sizes), soil and sand. You can also check websites like “pondacademy.com” and found them very useful.


The Procedure:

First thing that you need to do is to find the perfect spot for making the pond. You can select a spot in your front yard or back yard but make sure it is big enough. There should be some empty space around the pond so that you can decorate it properly. Make sure that the ground is completely flat. Pick and throw away sharp stones and flatten the ground. The next step is to dig three holes for placing the three tires inside. The top of the tires will stay slightly out of the holes and you will have to make a sand bed beneath each tire.

After digging the holes, spread sand at the bottoms and make sure it is flat then place the tires on top. Cut the top portion of each tire using the scroll saw to make room for the pond. Then wrap the tires with the garden foil neatly. Spread gravel around each wrapped tire. After this, you will have to carefully, place the bigger stones on top of the gravel around each tire so that the foil cannot come off easily. Fill each small pond with water. Decorate the surrounding area as you please and place a garden chair by its side.