Tips to help you decide on the green furniture you want

Green ideas and ways are being welcomed all across the globe because now people have realized that going green is not just a good deal from the environmental point of view but is highly lucrative for the one who goes green. One such green way is the green furniture that you can bring home or in office in place of the traditional furniture, which besides having good look had nothing great in it.

Green furniture is an ideal mix of looks and beneficial elements for the person and the environment altogether. Dr. Prem intends to give you all some tips on how to choose ideal green furniture.

Furniture made of reclaimed materials

Furniture made of reclaimed materials

Wood is the main ingredient for wooden furniture, and if proper care is taken wood can last for a real long time. The actual green furniture is made of reclaimed wood that comes from old furniture, from the windows and doors of an old house, or from other old wooden things. It is like giving a new birth to old wood, and sustainable designers world over are doing this task really well. Other scraps from factory that count as some other ingredients for furniture are also reclaimed materials, and green furniture in real sense is the one that is made of reclaimed materials.

Look for certified sustainable wood

sustainable wood

There are earth-friendly options you get in furniture; you should pick furniture made of wood from forests that are sustainably harvested. It is the certification from the Rainforest Alliance, which is the biggest forest certifier that confirms the wood is sustainable. The forests that do not come under FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) experience massive deforestation that is not good for the environment. However, in forests that come under FSC, there wood is sustainably harvested, leaving minimum impact on the trees.


Bamboo Furniture 2

Many think of bamboo as a tree but it is not a tree but grass. It varies from small to large size, and from lime green to maroon stripes. It is a strong material and is versatile that has made it one of the top choices of green designers and builders.

It is versatile because it can be used in flooring, ceiling, to make tables and sofas, as window blinds, and many more. Bamboo demands least or no pesticides for its growth, and it grows fast. Go for bamboo furniture that is made of bamboo treated with minimal or no chemicals, and avoid a piece of bamboo furniture that has used glue containing formaldehyde.

Contains recycled metal and plastic

recycled metal

More and more manufacturers today use recycled plastics and metals in furniture. They do so because the use of recycled materials requires less processing and brings down to cost of production. Many products claim to be made of recycled products and that they are recyclable. The buyer need to know certain things that make it clear whether a product is actually recyclable or not.

Furniture with low toxicity

Furniture with low toxicity

Almost every third piece of furniture is made of toxic substances; do not just go for the flattering looks of furniture but also check its toxic content. The ones that have high toxicity release poisonous gases in the air inside your home. The contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are released in the air and cause serious health problems. You can choose untreated furniture, or the one treated with natural substances.

Deciding to buy green furniture, and actually bringing best green furniture home can bring a good deal of change, as it has a very good and least harmful impact on your health and the environment. The green and sustainable designers have done a commendable job, and today there is no dearth of chic eco-friendly furniture options on the market.

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