Tips to recycle aluminum products that you use at home

recycle aluminum products

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on Earth, which also makes it one of the most utilized metals. It is also highly recyclable and can be used multiple times. The metal, derived from bauxite ore, can be recycled in a closed loop process, i.e., it does not require the addition of new components while being recycled, and does not degrade while recycling. Due to this versatility, most of the aluminum, which has ever been produced, has continued to be in use even today. Many home products are made of aluminum, and you can recycle them yourself or send them to be recycled. Here are some tips to recycle your aluminum products easily:

Why you should recycle aluminum

recycle aluminum productsThere are some very good reasons why you should recycle aluminum. Recycling this much-used metal prevents or reduces the need for further mining of bauxite, thus helping to conserve it. This is very helpful as 1 ton of aluminum is produced from 4 tons of ore. When you recycle aluminum cans, you also help to save energy, as it costs 95% lesser energy to recycle than to create new aluminum cans. This means that the energy required to manufacture one new tin can be used to produce 20 cans out of recycled aluminum. The energy savings made while recycling one tin can also be measured in terms of electricity – it can run a light bulb of 100 watts for about 4 hours, or a TV for about 3 hours.

How can you recycle aluminium?

Keep a designated bin for recycling

To remind you that you have to recycle aluminum, you can keep a small separate bin for it in the kitchen. You can use any regular garbage bin, plastic container, or a paper or cloth bag. You can put used foil or soda cans in this recycling bin, and ensure that your family also knows about it, so that they can put their soda cans etc too, in it.

Many takeaways wrap/put their food in aluminum foil containers, which can be recycled after washing. Always remember to wash everything before you put in the recycling bin. To make it easier to remember what things can be recycled, make a list and tape it to the bin or the fridge so that everyone can see the list.

Find out where you can send the things to be recycled

recycle aluminum productsThere are recycling centers where you can take your recyclables. These centers have separate bins for paper, glass, and aluminum. Every town and city has a recycling center these days, and you can find out from friends/ acquaintances where it is located, or go online to search for a center near you. In many cases, the recycling centers are run by the government’s Waste Department.

Get money by recycling home aluminum products

This is one of the best tips to recycle aluminum products. Many recycling centers will pay for the aluminum products that you bring them, either on-site or to their machines which might be located in and around your community. This is due to the fact that aluminum is completely, i.e. 100% recyclable, which does not need any new additions during the recycling process.

Many people have made money by collecting and giving their soda cans to be recycled, as every aluminum can be recycled. 20 cans can fetch you about a dollar in the States. So, instead of throwing away used cans, start collecting them for the benefit of the environment. In the USA, an excess of 800,000, 000 dollars is paid out each year for aluminum cans, which are brought at recycling centers.

One of the tips to recycle aluminum products is to start a curbside community recycling program

recycle aluminum productsMany cities and towns provide a curbside recycling facility. All you have to do is put your recyclables, including aluminum, out on the curb, in a blue bin, along with the trash bin. They will be collected every day, just as trash is collected on a daily basis.

If your community does not have this recycling facility, you can take the initiative to raise awareness about it by distributing leaflets or by spreading the message orally. Collect signatures and take them to the right government official to get curbside recycling started in your community. You can get signatures online too, instead of going from home to home.

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