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Toauh Shower: Now save water every time you take a shower

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Every day we waste a large amount of water for daily activities like showers and toilet flushing. So, wouldn’t it be great to have a device that drastically reduces the quantity of wasted water? The Toauh Shower is a system that can be fitted into any shower to save water. It has a dynamic design that makes it easier to install without interfering with the previous installed components.

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The Toauh Shower is completely mechanical, meaning it requires no additional pipe-line components or electrical connections. It consists of three small shelves, a translucent polycarbonate water connector, blue colored glossy finished ABS plastic bottom and base, containers and toilet tank made of stainless steel.

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How does it work? The water used in the shower is collected in the main base, which is filled into the containers by pulling down the lever. The water then displaced to the container that provides water to the toilet. The extra water can be used can be used for other activities like floor cleaning, car washing etc.

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Via: Behance