Energy CEO Provides 5 Tips to Reduce your Energy Bill at Home

On an average, an American homeowner spends approximately $2,200 on electricity bills. There is a growing awareness being spread by the government and socially responsible companies like American Power and Gas about the way homeowners can conserve electricity. Cutting down on energy bills may start from just limiting the use of energy.

Tom Cummins, the CEO of American Power and Gas has some really great tips which can help to cut down those humongous energy bills:

Consume less, waste less electricity …


…and gain more in terms of energy savings. Becoming energy efficient can help to save up to $340 per year. According to Cummins, “This can be achieved by keeping the appliances under check, turning off appliances once you are done using them and running all electrical appliances at moderate levels whenever possible.” Buying products which have the Energy Star rating will also cut down electricity bills.

Buy LEDs instead of conventional bulbs

“Something as small as using LEDs can be quite effective. One LED bulb can help you save about $150 per year,” suggests Cummins.

Opt for renewable energy


People can achieve both the goals of energy and money saving, by going green in their energy options. Cummins and his co-workers have worked relentlessly for years to come up with solar and wind energy options for consumers. The American Power and Gas company offers its customers the advantage of fixed bills, i.e. the energy bill will be fixed, even though there may be weather fluctuation. Also, the company provides consultation service to its consumers, going through their energy usage history, and advising on how to reduce their bills.

Follow a regular maintenance schedule

Cummins recommends following an annual maintenance schedule for your products. “If any appliance in your home demands repairing, get it done as quickly as possible,” as this will prevent any loss of electricity.

Replace air filters regularly


The cooling and heating system in homes constitutes up to 33% of electricity bills. So, according to Cummins, replacing air filters and cleaning them regularly will keep your ACs functioning at optimum levels and reduce your energy bill by a considerable amount.

Control your home temperature naturally

Keeping your home well-insulated and sealing all the cracks can help to keep your home warm or cool and reduce electricity costs by 30%! Tom Cummins suggests controlling the indoor temperature with the help of shades, blinds, fans in summer, and allowing sunlight into your home in winter, to control the temperature. This would enable you to limit the usage of ACs and heaters, further reducing your bills.

Another tip from Cummins is that you should bake at night, as this will keep your home warm and cozy in winter, and the AC will not have to work as hard in summer. You can do the same with dishwashers and clothes dryers. Better still, try air drying or line drying your clothes, and save upto $2.50 per day.

These tips from Tom Cummins are easy and doable, and sure to reduce electricity bills. For more energy saving tips, you can follow American Power and Gas on Twitter.  

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