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Top 10 eco friendly kitchen countertops

green kitchen countertops

Going green is the mantra making rounds these days. Sure enough, we are looking for ways to adopt green products in our life. Kitchen countertop is one such commodity that comes in eco friendly avatars. Many of these countertops are pro created from waste and recycled products that are disposed off from our homes. Also, after being recycled once, there are quite a number of them which still remain renewable i.e. these recycled products can be reused yet again. Common materials used to make them are glass, bamboo, wood, stone and paper. Here is a list of a few such ingenious creations.

1. IceStone countertops

IceStone worktops

Made from recycled glass and white Portland cement, 95% of the ingredients used in manufacture are recycled. Both these materials are great for churning out countertops in a variety of colors. The countertops are heat as well as scratch resistant and also not as porous as marble. They shine sparkling clean when washed with mild soap and water. Almost 75% of the raw material used in manufacturing this countertop is recycled glass. Also, lesser fossil fuels are employed to make these countertops which remain free of resins, petrochemicals, and VOCs.

2. Squak Mountain Stone

Squak Mountain Stone

Made from fly ash, discarded industrial crushed glass and low-carbon cement, these countertops are cut down into slabs and resemble limestone or soapstone. The company makes it a point to emit lesser carbon dioxide during production. Almost 50% of the components used in manufacture are recycled and a majority of these are industrial waste as against consumer waste that is used by most producers of green countertops.

3. BottleStone


Capable of withstanding heat, stains, and scratches, installing this product will gain you LEED credits. Primarily utilizing kiln-fired recycled glass and ceramic binders, almost 80% raw materials used are recycled. All types of glass that is disposed from our homes like bulbs, containers, window panes, and door panels are reused here. To add to the good news, these materials are not required to be washed prior to manufacturing thus helping to conserve water.

4. Windfall Lumber

Windfall Lumber

Reclaimed wood from deconstructed warehouses and other structures are used again to create these countertops. They are sturdy, easy to maintain, and add warmth to your interiors. The Douglas Fir variety molded from reclaimed wood comes in two styles, end grain and side grain. Some models might bear dark stains and most holes and voids on the wood are filled up during production.

5. 3form Chroma Surfaces

3form Chroma Surfaces

It’s an award winning manufacturer that is known for building surfaces from sustainable construction materials. The countertops are bright and come in vivid hues. The absolutely eye-catching product is built using approximately 40% of recycled stuff. They are also extremely durable and renewable, which means that they can be reused again after they are thrown out. Although, quite thick and bulky, they are still form-able enabling designers to give attractive curves and bents while shaping them.

6. Endurawood


These wooden countertops are great to add a cozy feel to any home. Unlike most other commercial products, these countertops are not mass produced but custom fabricated. With more than 15 years of experience in constructing countertops, the marvelous product is FSC certified and long lasting. These countertops can be slotted in various spaces inside your home like kitchen, backsplashes, islands, bar tops, etc.

7. Teragren


Composed from strand bamboo, these countertops have a soft appealing look. The natural aesthetics of bamboo comes through in the finished product. Available in umpteen colors and textures, they can be used as countertops and kitchen islands. They are bacteria resistant and are finished using mineral oil or beeswax. They make a good surface for chopping and can easily replace hardwood.

8. EcoTop


All three crude substances namely bamboo, recycled paper and wood fiber used to make these countertops are clean and green. The product manufactured by KlipTech is approved by Forest Stewardship Council. These kitchen worktops are durable, colorful, and affordable. They are scratch resistant and hardly absorb any water thus warding off stains.

9. Fuez


A product even more durable than marble is produced when recycled glass, fly ash, stone and shells are put together. The electricity utilized in the manufacture is wind generated giving it even more brownie points on the eco friendly chart. Almost 60% to 80% of crude materials used are recycled.

10. PaperStone


Made from paper waste discarded from our homes, this manufacturer does not use any other component to synthesize countertops. The flimsy sheets are converted to solid block under high pressure transforming them into natural resin. The final product sold out to consumers is strong, durable and pleasant looking.

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