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Top 10 stylish wind turbines

Wind Turbine

Wind energy is one of the most sought for renewable source of energy. Wind farms can be seen almost everywhere now – from the beaches to the highlands. A usual complaint of wind farms was that they were an eyesore and posed a danger to the birds. But with the new-age creative designs of wind farms, both of these concerns can be put to rest. Besides, these innovative machines can also attract tourism besides being environmentally friendly. The volume of electrical energy that can be generated by these wind farms is a lot more than conventional expectation; as a result, it promotes lesser dependence on conventional energy. Let us take a look at some of these wind turbines.

1. Aard Concept

Aard Concept

This design came from a Finnish named Artu-Matti Immonen. He incorporated the two renewable energy resources in one design of a wind turbine. Both solar and wind energy is mixed in a set of three stylish generators. His design is based on the Aard concept which has minimized and attractive features. It is equally viable for both urban and rural areas. This device consists of eight photovoltaic modules. As soon as the sunlight hits the modules, the wind blows up and the module starts swaying. Thus it catches the wind current and converts it to electricity via a central dynamo.

2. The Wind Tamer

The Wind Tamer

Wind Tamer is another interesting design of wind turbine. As concern for wind turbines being an eyesore was raised, the Wind Tamer was made mimicking a flower. It has a green central housing, edged turbine with ribs which gives support to it. It has a very appealing effect to the eyes of people as the collection cone is clear white.

3. The Flag Flap VAWT design

The Flag Flap VAWT Design

This creative attention grabbing design of wind turbine was made by Greenpower Utility System of Diamond Wind Solutions. It is generally a vertical axis wind turbine. The company custom makes the color based upon the customer’s choices.

4. Israel Wind Energy’s custom design

Israel Wind Energy’s Custom Design

Israel Wind Power and Brothers Engineering Group joined hands to make and distribute these wind turbines in their locality and anywhere within their country. They are doing this business not only to generate wind power, but also as a means to resolve the long conflicts among Israel and Palestine. The designers have also made wind turbines with the colors of Palestine’s flag so that patriotism is invoked in both sides of the border.

5. The Siemens Superstar

The Siemens Superstar

This huge wind turbine illuminated the football stadium in Munich. It lightens up the area with the help of 9000 LED lights which can be seen as far as 30 kilometers. Though giant in size, it is surprising to note that it consumes a very small electricity like that of an electric dryer. It was made by Traxon Technologies along with Michael Pendry. It was initially constructed for intended for the Media Architecture Biennale 2010 in which the name of Siemens Superstar was given. It was also known as the world’s largest revolving media screen.

6. Golan wind farm turbine design

Golan Wind Farm Turbine Design

Assaf Frank, a popular print artist and an avid photographer took pictures of wind farms in the Golan Heights of Israel. The image show contrasting and contradicting colors of the wind farms which might seem an oddity, but posed a very artistic view.

7. Windwärts rainbow design

Windwärts Rainbow Design

Windwärts Energie is one of the most prominent names in energy supply in Germany. They generally endorse companies and projects which help in researching and finding different ways of electricity generation. In the Hanover Expo-Region Climate Protection Program, they teamed up with Patrick Raynaud, a French artist to make a wind turbine that has the features of a Christmas tree. It added to the festive atmosphere.

8. Berlin’s wind turbines with LED lights

Berlin’s Wind Turbines with LED Lights

Windmove, an art project for the public was taken up in Germany. It incorporated LED lights on the surface of wind turbines. A designer named Christoph Ernst made this design originally. The LED lights may look dull in the morning, but in the night with good wind speed, the lights create a brilliant effect.

9. The lantern style VAWT

The Lantern Style VAWT

It is another example of vertical axis wind turbines. Its compact and cute design resulted it being called lantern style windmills. A company named Qingdao Jinfan Energy Science & Technology Co. Ltd. created this innovative design. They worked with Qingteng International Trading Co. Ltd., for distributing them in variety of colors.

10. Black-bladed wind turbines

Black-Bladed Wind Turbines

These wind turbines, made up of black blades, are made by the company Lake Benton wind farm. Black color is used as it readily absorbs sunlight and helps to keep it ice-free.

With the progress of time, we will find more innovative and creative wind turbines being created which besides promoting people to take up non-conventional source of energy will also add to the aesthetic appeal of the common people. With these colorful designs, surely societies and people will switch to wind energy, thereby minimizing damage to our mother earth.

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