Top 5 debate topics about the concerns of the environment


While adults are doing their part to talk about the different concerns of the environment, children are not far off. In the effort of raising awareness, schools and other educations institutions talk about various environmental issues in debate competitions. These conversations help children to understand and realize the seriousness of different situations. It also helps them to understand how they – as the future – can make a change. Listed below are the top 5 debate topics about environmental concerns and issues that are spoken about.


loss of biodiversity

Known to be the planet’s most vital yet complex feature, this topic covers everything from the ecosystem to every living organism on this earth. It also touches the various concerns and issues like deforestation, pollution, global warming, etc. that hampers the biodiversity of the world.


The issues pertaining to the water problems are huge. This not only affects us as humans but also affects the environment in many ways.  The debate topics covers various issues like water pollution, marine life, oil spills, toxic and chemical waste, etc. It also covers solutions like how to reduce water pollution, clear the waterways and other such initiatives that we can take to protect this valuable resource.


Prevent DeforestationIn order to survive, we need trees and plants. We all know that trees and plants not only provide oxygen, but they are also sources of medicine, water and food for everyone. The growing concerns of deforestation are alarming. This topic helps students to understand problems like illegal logging, wildfires, etc. Some other aspects that are covered include greenhouse gas emissions, limiting the use of cardboard and paper, etc.


We all know that there are different kinds of pollution which affect the environment. The debate topics about the concerns of the environment that cover pollution helps children to understand what are the main types of pollution. Like this, it also helps them to understand the importance of working together to stop pollution in general.

Climate Change

Climate change

Climate change is by far affecting us in so many ways. Not only is this a serious concern, but it also affects wildlife in numerous ways. The sea levels are on the rise due to the increased temperatures of the ocean. This, in turn also, affects marine and land life apart from us humans. Debate topics on this front include how to reduce climate change and carbon footprints, etc.

Some other popular topics

Apart from the above 5 topics;,you also have debates on initiatives like reducing carbon footprints, saving electricity, recycling and even innovative inventions that can save the planet. Children learn fast, and through such competitions, they get a better idea about how things are.


Children are the future and it is up to us as adults to teach them the right way.  With the help of debate topics about the concerns of the environment, children get to share their views as well as come up with solutions.  The present situation of the environment is bad – through such competitions and initiatives children will be able to do their part in protecting the environment.

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