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Top 5 eco friendly cruise lines in the world

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Till now, it was automobile and industries that were going through a complete makeover to protect the environment. Hybrid cars, low CO2 emission cars and more until cruise ships joined the race. Cruise liners and merchant ships are considered as the biggest polluters of sea. All the chemical waste, hazardous detergents and oil are dumped into the sea, thereby, polluting it and causing a serious threat to the aquatic life. Taking into account the seriousness of this issue, many cruise liners changed their way to become modern age eco-friendly cruises that are concerned about the environment and determined to make a difference. Listed below are five best sustainable cruise liners that are eco friendly and unmatched in their genre.

1. Holland America Line

Holland America Line

It has been more than 137 years since Holland America went in its first voyage. Since then, this has been amongst one of the finest liners known for unparalleled relaxation and luxury. This liner cruises through exciting places such as Europe, Caribbean, Bermuda, Alaska and Mexico. An environmental officer is mandated with the responsibility of training the staff as well as guests about the environment and how one can contribute to keep it neat and clean. This ship is installed with world-class purification systems, eco friendly cleaning systems and supplies and low water flow systems for toilets. Staff is also taught effective water management and recycling programs. Special dry cleaning machines are fitted in the ship that use non-hazardous detergents only. Guest is conditioned to turn off lights when necessary, recycling and not littering in addition to other eco friendly tasks.

2. Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises of Cruise Lines International Association is solely committed to protect the environment. This cruise sails to Greek Isles, Panama Canal and Costa Rica. The entire crew on the ship is thoroughly trained on several aspect of environment protection by an environmental officer. This officer is also responsible for maintaining the cruise line’s standards of protecting the environment. Whenever this cruise is on voyage, the crew collects all the chemical and toxic waste. This waste is stored on-board and is later disposed ashore with licensed contractors. Proper inventory management techniques are deployed to make sure that only required quantity of food and supplies are carried. Such practice helps in reducing the waste. Moreover, this ship has also increased the use of sails as it helps in reducing the fuel usage considerably.

3. Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity Cruise sails to Australia, Hawaii, Bahamas and Transatlantic. This cruise is fitted with latest technology intended to protect environment. It has an environmental officer on board to make the staff as well as passengers aware about several aspects of environment protection. This vessel is fitted with Advanced Wastewater Purification systems and smokeless gas turbine engines that help in reducing the sea pollution to a remarkable extent. Celebrity cruise is an avid supporter of eco-organization “Save the Waves”. In addition, this cruise liner also funds “Ocean Fund”. Ocean Fund is a global organization that carries out outreach programs benefiting the environment.

4. Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions

This cruise started its first voyage in 1950s and is amongst the pioneers who initiated environment protection campaigns. This liner sails to some of the most exotic places in the world including the Mediterranean, the Amazon, New Zealand and Egypt. Lindblad Expeditions is a partner with National Geographic. Both of them work in tandem to teach and inspire people to save the earth from pollution. They also support Alaska Whale Foundation and Oceanites. It is an NGO dedicated to conserve oceans, islands and wildlife. The most peculiar aspect of traveling on this liner is that you are served with cuisines similar to the region it is sailing through. It has also actively participated in Climate Change Action Plan, a program aimed at reducing carbon footprint and promoting critical environmental issues.

5. Costa Cruise

Costa Cruises Cruise

Awarded with a Green Star by RINA, Costa Cruise sails to Russia, Dubai and the Far East. It is fitted with a system Business Excellence Sustainable Task (B.E.S.T). This system ensures that Costa Cruise maintains all the aspects of environmental protection. An environmental officer on board teaches staff as well as guests about the importance of protecting the environment. This liner also supports renowned World Wildlife Fund in Italy. It patronizes projects that protect endangered marine eco regions on the planet like the Mediterranean Sea and region of the Greater Antilles.