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Top British Cleantech Startups Leading the Innovation Frontier

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Startups which are more eco-friendly and inclined towards promoting clean tech are getting more attention from venture capitalists. These cleantech startup ventures are making their best possible effort to play a role in various issues we confront today such as transport pollution, electricity consumption, energy efficiency and similar other problems. Let us look at the top tech startups working in the UK.


These top cleantech startup ventures from the UK enters the list based on the innovations and their usefulness in helping save the environment as well as whether it is practical to implement such technological changes in our lives.


According to an estimate, a whopping cost of around $7 billion is incurred every year on data center cooling. Iceotope provides memory, processing power as well as storage in a computing system, which is cooled using liquids thereby helping to save energy as well as reduce costs.

Magnifye superconducting permanent magnets


The Company is into making superconducting permanent magnets, which can help to enhance efficiency of electrical machines. These magnets are 10 times stronger as compared to other conventional magnets and can be small enough to get into your hand or large to power any cruise liner or train. Their system has the capability of changing the way electrical machines are powered all around the world.

Flint Engineering

Flint Engineering:

This cleantech startup project aims to create energy from the roof for eliminating cooling, hot water and heating bills. The way it is accomplished is by blending solar and photovoltaic thermal collectors into cladding as well as roofing material that can be used in refitted as well as new commercial or domestic buildings.

Moixa Technology batteries

Moixa Technology:

Here the idea is to add millions of batteries in any building premise for reducing demand during peak hours on power grids as well as improving efficiency of devices, which run on direct current like the mobile phones and lights. This new technology can assist in significant reduction in electricity bills and enhance energy security by allowing energy storage during off peak hours.

airplane suppliers from Green Fuels Research1

Green Fuels Research:

The technology that is available presently is not sufficient to meet the future requirements of biofuels for sustainable aviation. The aim of this startup venture is to develop technologies in every process involving primary producers up to airplane suppliers.

Sunamp heat batteries


Significant energy savings can be achieved in commercial as well as domestic set-ups by use of heat batteries of high power. This cleantech startup has created the heat battery, which is super compact and is able to store heat generated in conventional as well as non-conventional boilers and heat pumps. The batteries can deliver the heat with utmost energy efficiency as well as in a quick manner.

 Vantage Power hybrid electric system

Vantage Power:

Trucks and buses are known to be main pollutants on the road but the hybrid electric system being developed by Vantage Power aims to change it. This new system will meet the demands of lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improvement in air quality without requiring any investment in purchase of new hybrid buses.

Agility Global clean technology motorcycle_1

Agility Global:

This is a clean technology motorcycle, which blends aerospace and Formula 1 design along with electric technology to achieve the highest level of performance. Named Saietta, it is a sports motocycle, which is powerful as well as fast in addition to use of green technology.


Many cleantech startups are playing their part in providing the society with options that help to save energy as well as implement eco-friendly measures. If these technological innovations could become part of mainstream society then they can certainly bring about lot many positive changes, which make the planet a better place to live.