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Top seven eco friendly perfumes

Organic perfumes

Synthetic components, whether they are used in our foods or cosmetics, cause some harm in one way or another. People are now realizing the benefits of using natural and organic products in every aspect of life. They are realizing that protecting the environment is as important as protecting one’s health. So why not use natural and pollution free materials for all our needs? The green concept has found its way into the world of perfumes as well. Natural fragrances have a complex beauty about themselves that is not present in the artificial ones. There are quite a number of exquisite selling organic varieties that produces a lingering effect rather than the choking and strong versions of the synthetic ones. If you are planning to buy a perfume, choose from the top seven eco friendly perfumes.

1. Waikiki Pikake

Waikiki Pikake

Pacifica, the popular Hawaiian fragrance brand has focused on fresh and light blends that do not overwhelm. They have made use of many local floras to creative compelling fragrances. The Waikiki Pikake is jasmine based with the freshness and sweetness of jasmine. It has a perfect scent for a sunny day with a slight dose of sandalwood. The combination results in warm nights for watching the beautiful stars on the beach. The brand already has an excellent record for environmental concerns and use of recycled post-consumer materials for packaging etc. The contents of the perfume include propylene glycol obtained through cruelty-free means. The perfumes costs you about 22 pounds.

2. Pure Fume

Pure Fame

Aveda Love’s organic perfume is based on rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang. It comes in a small bottle with a roll on applicator for ease of use. Though the scent does not last for long, it is best because of its portable size. Pop it into your handbag and use it from anywhere you want. Even if the smell wanes out you can reapply it quickly. The sandalwood used is the Australian variety. The perfume comes with a warm wood base and an uplifting top notes from ylang ylang. The Pure Fume Absolute perfume from Aveda Love is a day scent with many sustainable credentials. Buy it for an affordable price of 20 pounds.

3. Organic Glam

Organic Glam Jasmine

Organic Glam Jasmine comes from the Organic Pharmacy. It is quite expensive. The perfume contains a lot of jasmine oil. In order to make 2.2 lbs of jasmine essential oil, you need at least 2200 lbs of jasmine flowers particularly picked at night. This makes the perfume very expensive. When the disadvantages of the synthetic varieties are considered, it is definitely worth paying the high price for getting a fresh jasmine scent with absolutely no harm at all. The rich jasmine sambac variety from Egypt is used for making this perfume. Along with jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood also make up the richness of the scent. Get it for 112 pounds.

4. Stella Sheer

Stella Sheer

The new version of the Stella Sheer priced 38 pounds replaces the heavy Rhododendron with icy notes of lemon and green apple. Though apples do not blend well with the warm notes of the Persian rose, the blend in this case has worked very well due to the woody base of amber. The ultra-modern organic floral perfume may be slightly overpowering in the beginning but calms down quickly. The roses used for the perfumes are organically grown.

5. Illuminum Rajamusk

Illuminum Rajamusk

Illuminum is the latest range from Michael Boadi. The best thing about the brand is that it is quite different from the mainstream perfumery because it uses only 8 ingredients for a creating a blend. All the eight ingredients are natural and the fragrances are produced in the United Kingdom. The top pick from the brand is Rajamusk with its intriguing blend of lily, pear blossom, white patchouli etc. Yes, you guessed it right, it contains musk, but the vegan-friendly and vegetable version is used. The perfume costs 90 pounds.

6. Smell of Weather Turning

Smell of weather Turning

The perfume form Lush is very affordable. The high quality perfume is for those who are on a budget with a green option. You can buy the perfume for just 3.50 pounds. The eco-perfume is gorgeous smelling and pocket friendly too. The fragrance of the perfume is inspired by the climate change and its effect on the weather. The perfume is good to be worn during day time as it takes the sunny days as the motif with special features of mint top note before drying out. Let’s say, it’s a summer day enclosed in a bottle.

7. L’Artisan Perfumeur

L'Artisan Perfumeur

The name may sound a bit crazy but it is the Sanskrit word that denotes the Himalayan spikenard. It is the basis of this perfume. This is the first fragrance to be certified the ECOCERT. The perfume has the top notes of cardamom and luscious bergamot that dry down into the pleasant and warm woodiness. Despite the use of the strong ingredients, the fragrance is subtle and whispered. The perfume can be bought for 80 pounds.

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