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Top Fashion Companies Implementing Sustainable Initiatives

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Sustainable and eco-friendly are some of the terms we get to hear on regular basis nowadays, but it is difficult to make whether any company is actually implementing sustainability steps in their work procedure or not. The same is true when we look at the fashion industry where claims and deeds do not often match. We thus did some research on our own to make a list of best eight fashion companies, which are actually taking positive steps to stay eco-friendly.

 Study NY

Study NY:

It is a Brooklyn based fashion brand, which makes use of organic linen as well as cotton, fabrics that are hand dyed as well as recycled materials. Their main aim is to implement production and pattern making in which there is no wastage. The other good thing about them is that they create everything locally with New York.

 Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin:

The Company is into producing many different products ranging from lifestyle items such as quilts to wedding gowns. The thing that makes them different is the handmade production process in which every item is made by hand only. The products are made by combining recycled, new as well as organic materials with emphasis on sustainability.

 Titania Inglis

Titania Inglis:

The solo line by Brooklyn based designer Titania Inglis is known for adhering to sustainability procedures and she won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award for sustainable design in the year 2012. All her garments are made in NYC in a small factory and the material is sourced sustainably such as vegetable tanned leather from France, organic cotton from Japan and dead stock wool from New York. The designs are such that the garment can be worn in many different ways hence reducing the need to buy more, thus reducing the need to produce more as well.

 Feral Childe_1

Feral Childe:

This brand is known for its use of sustainable fibers, local manufacturing process located in NYC and production waste disposal through donation of the remnants in schools as well as transporting them to facilities, which recycle textile. The brand also produces as per order received so that excess inventory can be reduced.

 Carrie Parry

Carrie Parry:

Carrie received the Innovation Award from Ethical Fashion Forum in the year 2011 for her garments and material. All the garments are manufactured in NYC itself in the garment district in ethical manner by utilizing materials, which are environment friendly like organic wool, recycled polyester and tencel.



They make use of sustainable materials, such as tencel, as well as implement production process that lessens water consumption, wastage during production and create closed look life cycle for products. They make the designs in such a way that every dress can be worn in five separate ways, thus helping to reduce wastage.

 M. Patmos

M. Patmos:

This brand is utilizing faux fur created from alpaca and wools and vegetable tanned leather to make garment pieces, which look fashionable. They are also utilizing technology from Japan for seamless knitting with zero wastage as well as employing handwork techniques of artisan collectives of countries such as Bolivia and Nepal.



They have production process set up in Indonesia in the form of a cottage industry and are dedicated to fostering sustainability in their production process. To fulfill this aim they make use of organic cotton, upcycled fabrics, tencel, hemp and wild silk to make the garments.


You will find many companies stating that they have green production process but you will have to check to make sure they actually follow such sustainability guidelines. You on your part can support such green fashion by purchasing garments from these companies.