Top toys for kids that are eco-friendly

Eco friendly toys are made up of bio degradable materials that help to keep the environment safe and friendly. They are made from 100% non toxic natural products, as well as food products as well in some cases. If you are searching for some of the best eco friendly toys for your child, here are your pick for the season.


Scented scoops

The scented scoop toys are made of natural rubber and wood that is sustainable as well as a material that is known as Green Dot. Green dot is a product that is made out of corn starch. It is safe for children to use and play with as well. This is a must use environment friendly toy for children.

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Bathtub balls

Bathtub balls are for children who are of very young age. It is made from non toxic and safe rubber which is safe to be used in the dishwasher as well. They are good for both swimming pools as well as bath tubs.

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Different board games

There are different kinds of board games for children that are made of natural wood or natural cotton game board. The materials that accompany the games are made of rubber, biodegradable materials that are safe for children to play with.


Green Ring Tethers

It is very important that tethers for children are made with 100% natural and non toxic material so that it is safe and harmless to play with. They are made with go green dot materials which are easily chewable as well. They are compostable and can be safe for your baby love.


Soft toys and stuffed dolls

The newest designed soft toys as well as stuffed dolls can be given to your baby girl to play with. They are made with 100% organic cotton material, which are non toxic. They are colored with vegetable dyes that are harmless as well.


Green toys

Green toys are made from 100% recyclable plastic materials that are free of BPA, PVCs or any kind of phthalates. This makes it easy and friendly to use, non toxic, and also helps in saving energy by a great deal. The 100% recyclable material makes it easy to use and harmless as well for children.

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