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Tourism Threatens Endangered Turtles in W. Africa

Tourists flock on the beach to indulge themselves in sunbaths. This tranquility far from the maddening crowd attracts all. So, do the West African islands. They try to lure more sun-seekers. But, our such indulgence is snatching the loggerhead turtles’ of their imperturbabilities. It is the beach’s calmness that draws them in flock to lay their eggs in the Cape Verde’s quietness. It is threatened by the increasing tourists every year. Plans to boost tourism on the volcanic isles off Africa’s Atlantic coast do not take account of the need to protect fragile species, like the turtles who nest on the shores of Boa Vista island each year, environmentalists warn. It is around midnight on the Ervatao beach, where scores of tiny loggerhead hatchlings break through the sand after days of digging and begin a madcap dash under cover of darkness towards the waves. But, the islands’ tourist industry is seriously threatening the turtles. So, the Government must immediately decide whether to mint on tourism or save and secure the endangered loggerhead turtles!According to a WWF report, Cape Verde’s coral reefs are among the world’s most important and most threatened. The islands’ waters are also a feeding ground for humpback whales.

Via: Environmental News Network