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Transformers: Robots built out of recycled scrap metal!

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What is it?

It is well known that, discarded metal scrap and old auto parts can be transformed into magnificent sculptures. And this is exactly what an artist from Southern China has realized. A Transformer fan, he took his passion one step further and created robots out of recycled scrap and discarded steel sheets. The outcome, was an army of giant robots made from recycled metal pieces and old car parts!

The artist:

The man who sculpted this army of giant robots is a Chinese sculpture artist Yang Junlin from Huizhou. Five years ago he had set up his own factory called “Legend of Iron” to display and sell his own sculpture pieces especially from the Transformers series.

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The inspiration:

Before becoming a sculpture, artist Yang Junlin served in the Army and retired from his services in the year 2006. Once he happened to visit a concert, wherein sculptures made from discarded steel sheets were put on display. He was inspired by this unique art form and decided to work on similar lines to make his own sculptures from discarded steel and old metal pieces.

The material:

The artist uses all kinds of discarded scrap (be it old metal pieces, auto parts, sheets of steel) to make his army of mega robots.

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The artwork:

Yang established his own factory in 2007 and hired around 10 workers to help him out in designing an army of robots. In the past 5 years he has made almost 1,000 transformer robots! Recently he sculpted a transformer, which is a version of Megatron – it required twenty tons of iron scrap and was completed in six months and the teeth on its track had to be modified 10 times to achieve the desired design!

Green aspects:

All these giant robots are made in an eco-friendly manner by using recycled scrap metal and old auto parts. The artist has proved that if you’re creative enough and think out of the box, then discarded scrap can be transformed into magnificent sculptures. Yang has given a new meaning to old metal scrap and steel sheets by reshaping them into magnificent robots!

Via: odditycentral.com, asylum.co.uk