Transforming your bike into an e-bike

Do you love to bike your way to your office? Often it is a good idea, but if the route is too long, or you have to bike uphill, it becomes very cumbersome. Now you need not worry. Smart and responsive wheels are soon coming in the market, which transform an ordinary bicycle into an electric hybrid bike.


These wheels called Copenhagen Wheels are attached to a computer, and batteries. A sensor connected to monitors captures your effort in pedalling. The device can be connected to your Smartphone by wireless, and has the capability to track distance travelled, calories burned, and even the information about your surroundings including road conditions, noise, temperature, pollution level etc. The wheel becomes an extension of you and in fact acts as a faithful companion. It can activate onboard motor whenever the rider needs support. You can change gears, also lock and unlock your bike using smart phone.

Another indirect advantage of this device is that by capturing data of your surroundings, it enables you to choose healthier bike routes. You can share this information with your friends using the web. The wheel packs enough power to boost a rider to bike as fast as 60 km per hour. The developer of the wheel has put speed limits in the software to meet the local speed limits.


This wonder wheel is installed at the rear hub of the bike’s wheel. You need not discard your existing bike, if you want to move around in these wonderful user-friendly bikes. All you need to do is purchase a rear wheel that has the hubcap like device, already attached to it, and replace your old rear wheel with this new wheel. The batteries used in these devices are rechargeable.

This elegant wheel was invented at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The project was funded by the Italian ministry of environment and the office of the mayor of Copenhagen, thus getting its name. This Danish city is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world.

If you want to own this wheel, you can contact Superpedestrian through their website and get more information, as well as place order. More than 1000 units have already been sold.

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