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Trap Light to illuminate dwellings by absorbing energy from surroundings

energy absorbing trap light

Good source of lighting can make a place glow and sparkle adding altogether a different appeal to it. But normally illuminating your dwellings comes with a price tag that is paid later in the form of electricity bills. The more lights you use to make your space exuberate a mystic appeal, bigger the hole it burns in your pocket every month. Moreover the normal day to day options that consume electricity are far from being eco-friendly. How about a product that will not consume electricity, slash down power bills and is ecological? Wow! Sounds good but sad such a product is a dream. If this is what you think then it’s time to run till the Milan Furniture Fair because what you see there will blow your mind.

Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson, presented a lamp christened as ‘Trap Light’ at the Milan Furniture Fair which will make sure your jaw drops in awe. As the name suggests the pendant lamp will skillfully trap/absorb waste energy from nearby light sources (CFL and LED) through special photoluminescent pigments making sure no power is wasted. It will act like a scavenger and consume all it can.

The lamp has been shaped in an eye-appealing manner which will illuminate spaces sans the usage of any battery or cord. This makes it quite handy and easy to position, as one will not have to keep locating plugs all the time. Whatever waste light a conventional incandescent bulb or LED bulb releases, Trap Light will intelligently absorb it and get charged within 30 minutes. After getting enough life in such a short span, it will keep sparkling in a soft and warm manner for as long as eight hours and that too the environment friendly way.

Each lamp has been blown individually by using Murano glass blowing technique for extra preciseness. Body of the glass comes embedded with photoluminescent pigments which have been physically positioned inside the lamp by the designers without much difficulty. A lot of attention has been paid in terms of detailing by the duo. The form is achieved by using a wooden mould which comes surrounded by a cage like structure.

Trap Light will make sure your spaces glow the eco-friendly way and at the same time save electricity, by using the process photoluminescence that absorbs energy and then steadily releases it as light.

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