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Trash Me lamps breathe life into waste egg boxes

trash me lamp1

Victor Vetterlein brings a beautiful creation that gets life from the trash and after a short but meaningful life cycle returns to the trash. Dubbed as “Trash Me”, this lamp gives significant use to egg boxes. The lamp is made using four egg cartons that are mixed with water, and then neatly poured over a mold. It takes several days to dry up and take the desired shape, after which the various sections are joined together using aluminum screws.

trash me lamp2

In order to give the products bright illumination a cloth-covered electric cord is blended with recyclable electrical fixture parts. For the Trash Me desk lamp, a paper bag filled with bird seed is placed in the base to provide stability. These lamps amalgamate creativity, fun and innovation with a pinch of eco-friendliness.

trash me lamp3

Via: Technabob