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Trash transformed into creative and artistic objects

Recycled artwork

The 12th Annual Cracked Pots Art Show that features more than 90 professional and amateur artists’ creative works from recycled and “waste materials” is here to grab the notice of all. Every year the visitors to these stalls elect a winner on the basis of creativity and productivity.

Ready to enthrall the expectant audience and prospective buyers this year on July 19-20, at McMenamins Edgefield, 2126 S.W. Halsey St., Troutdale, Crackedpots has set the current theme as sustainability using wooden pallets, old pots, and pans. As a reaffirmation of the show’s green credentials the artists work on transforming trash to creative home décor.

This year there have been few unique collections and creations, which are sure to freeze the floor. For instance, a glass piece from a backyard, which otherwise would’ve been trashed has got transformed a lovely face of women. This innovative piece of home decor has been created by Parris Foley, an artist from Gresham Cosmetic Laser Center.

She loves the whole concept of recycled home decor and has a decade experience in creating beautiful artic rafts, beads, and flowerpots to even mirrors all out of recycled glasses.This piece of art from a trash glass has really transformed the idea of waste into a face for our living room.

Another example is about an artist working for Integra Telecom, Tim Foertsch, who does get time out to carve interesting lightings from recycled materials. This serious and cash fetching hobby started when he was 14. Since then there is no looking back. He has been successful in selling almost all his articrafts at these events.

His creativity has earned him top 2 position in the previous years Crackedpots event. According to him, wasting is a sin and those materials could be reused. His passion drives mainly towards creating light lamps. Diane Erickson is yet another highlight of this show who loves to create masterpiece out of plates. Chairs, coolers, bicycles and tables and more are a part of her creative list made from scrap plates. Colors fascinate her and she enjoys playing with bright and vibrant colors.

Another artist Jean Hybskmann does her artwork in wooden pieces and creates “Whimsical” cats and colorful designs. She creates both outdoor and indoor decorative pieces. The colorful wooden bricks by her could also be used as a fence. All these wonderful ideas are driven from her travel experience especially from Mexico.

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