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Tree-cycling: Christmas tree made from 35 recycled bike wheels

christmas tree at bermondsey square1

Bermondsey Square in London flaunts its new installation these days. To set the Christmas mood high, igloo has brought in Sarah Wigglesworth Architects to create a bespoke Christmas tree. The idea behind this sustainable structure is to promote green transport in the capital. Not only is the tree aesthetically appealing but also supports a re-usability factor, as it can be dismantled and stored.

christmas tree at bermondsey square2

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects have incorporated 35 recycled bike wheel placed on a simple structure to get a recognizable shape of a Christmas tree. The wheels that have gone into making the Bermondsey Square Christmas tree are on loan from UK charity Re~Cycle, which is committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport in Africa. After Christmas, all the bike wheels will go back to charity and will be used to recondition bikes for distribution to Africa. Let’s hope this new installation encourages cycling to a great extent.

christmas tree at bermondsey square3

Via: TheArchitectsJournal