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Do you remember the last time you didn’t ask for the plastic bag? I am sure; it would not be as fresh as yesterday’s story. The info graphic here focuses more on the facts & figures about how exactly we have been making use of plastics and how exactly it is affecting us and the environment.

plastic pollution (1)

The usage of plastic is really high and it can cover the earth four times. Plastic pollution has 10% contribution toward increasing the pollution. In fact the plastic thrown by an individual in a life time is 600 times more than his/her weight.

People with higher exposure to BPA (Bisphenola) which is an industrial chemical used in the advanced form of plastic like tubes & pipes has high rate of heart disease and diabetes. It takes 1000 year to degrade in a landfill and also placing it in the landfill will simply be storing problem for future. Which means you cannot burry it under the soil because it produces chemical that gets spread in the ground water.

The chemical building blocks that make plastic versatile are used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic & epoxy resins. Burning plastic also release toxic fumes.

What makes it more buyable?

  1. Electrical resistance
  2. Optical clarity
  3. High heat resistance
  4. Light weight
  5. Tough
  6. High-performance plastic
  7. In expensive
  8. Single use item.

Because of which manufacturing and demand of plastic has increased 9% every year and it is expected that 300 million tons of plastic would be produced more. In addition 8% of the world oil goes in manufacturing it. The way usage is increasing, cleaning is also opted by most of the common individual who care for the environment as it is not only impacting the health of human but also the animals and birds. Birds and animals are highly dependent on the natural resources, like water, soil, and air, which is polluted with plastic being the major issue.

very important plastic and trash pollution on beautiful lake

Plastic is the largest source of ocean litter, and it is expected that 14 billion pounds of trash will be dumped in the ocean. Floating plastic waste serves as mini transportation device for invasion species; thus, disrupting their natural habitats. After plastic, the second most abundant ocean pollution is because of cigarette.

Out of the whole lot produced and manufactured, only 1% is been recycled or reused worldwide.  Over 25, 00,000 of plastic bottles are used every day by the Americans. In past over dozen countries have banned or put a tax on disposable bags. By using the reusable plastic or recycled plastic bottles, an individual can support by eliminating the need of 100 disposable bottles every year.

Due to the litter in ocean, the marine animals are killed due to indigestion. It kills over 1 million sea birds every year and 1 billion mammals every year. Thus, it is harmful for the human and other living things that survive on the earth.

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