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Tsunami Warning System successfully tested in the Pacific

tsunami warning center hawaiiIt is heart-rending for scientists to find a high participation in a system testing that warns ther countries of approaching tsunamis. Yeah, more than 30 countries around the Pacific Ocean have participated in it.

A mock alert was made from the Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii, and the response to it was encouraging.

I want to know this: how efficiently did they receive the tsunami warnings? The Governments are reporting back on it at the moment. They are also finding on how efficiently they have relayed te warnings through various circuits, which include weather services, emails and faxes.

Delores Clark, a spokeswoman for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told AFP news agency from the centre,

It’s gone very, very well so far… They’ve contacted each country that is participating and just about every single one of them have received the bulletins…

Via: BBC News

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