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TubeHotel puts recycled concrete pipes to classy use

Tubular TubeHotel

Ever imagined staying in a pipe? It reminds us of fantasy movies where people getting trapped spent their nights in huge concrete pipes. Or think of a hero lurking in a tube to take his enemies by the whirlwind. Well, now even a common man can identify himself with this fantastic hero. Presenting the very unique, novel and refreshing TubeHotel, the hotel inside the tube!

TubeHotel, a hotel in Mexico has used the most novel concept to build its rooms. The rooms are made inside recycled concrete pipes. The idea has been borrowed from architect Andrew Strauss and Desparkhotel. The objective behind this hotel was to provide accommodation to people at affordable rates.

Located in the village of Tepoztlan, the hotel is about 45 minutes drive from the south of Mexico City. The hotel provides a beautiful scenic view of the Sierra del Tepozteco. The hotel consists of 20 rooms. The first three rooms are built by t3arc whereas the rest were completed by the hotel.

The pipes have been skillfully placed on top of each other to create a second storey so that the tourists can have a better view of the place. The rooms are built on an arbitrary basis amidst trees because of the topography of the region. The tubes with which rooms are made, are 2.44 m in width and 3.50 in length. These rooms have a bed which accommodates two people. The bed also provides a storage space beneath it. Doors and windows have been custom created on the brims of the tubes.

Due to lack of adjustable space, one finds no bathrooms within the rooms. To make up for the shortage, two bath spaces have been created for tourists. These wash spaces contain all the required facilities like hot water, showers and toilets. The Tubo Hotel does a bit of cost cutting too as one needs to bring his/her own robe, soap, flip-flops and shampoo.

Coming to the most critically required criterion of a hotel, air conditioning, the tubes are claimed to maintain their own warm temperatures. It is said that even the cure for a cold feet is scientifically guaranteed in the TubeHotel. The Hotel is open for the entire year and the cost of staying is $500 pesos. Special rates are also available if four or more tubes are booked together. What are you waiting for? Book yourself into a perfect world of fantasy and newness.

Via Inhabitat